Friday, April 22, 2016

First Bag Love

This is the first Coach Bag I ever bought... In fact, it's the first expensive bag I ever bought period. I purchased it on a trip to LA over Christmas in 2009 and have loved it ever since. Even though it's started to see a bit of wear and tear, it still looks great almost 7 years later and while I don't carry it often, I'm not sure I'll ever retire it completely. There's just something special about your first bag love...

Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Gap / Bag: Coach (old - similar here) / Shirt: Gap (old)
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (old) / Boots: Jigsaw / Rings: Topshop (old) & Lucy Quartermaine

photos by Marc Walsh

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sensai Triple Touch Compact - Perfect for Glamour Girls on the Go

Triple Touch Compact (c/o Sensai)

There are a lot of amazing beauty products and cosmetics on the market. I mean, we are absolutely spoiled for choice at every price point, but sometimes there's a hero product that comes out and just changes the game. The Sensai Triple Touch Compact is one such product...

Sensai Triple Touch Compact in Light

The Sensai Triple Touch Compact is available in three shades (basically Light, Medium & Dark) and it's much more than just a powder compact. It also contains two concealers. One concealer (the white one) is for smoothing any wrinkles or inconsistencies in the skin's texture. The other concealer is then applied over it and anywhere else you may need a bit more coverage, such as dark circles under the eyes. On the bottom level is the powder. This compact can be used alone or with a foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

I've been using the Sensai Triple Touch Compact for a few weeks and I mostly use it over a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. I do find that my skin is just too dry for a powder on its own, but everyone's skin is different, so I would urge you to find what works for you. I absolutely love this compact though. The concealers work wonders and the powder is easy to manipulate for lighter or heavier coverage depending on preference. The compact does come with an applicator for the powder, however I would recommend using this powder with a big fluffy powder brush for better control of coverage. I'm really pleased with this compact and it's absolutely brilliant for girls on the go because it's a sort of two-in-one situation. It's also great for travelling and the compact itself is sleek, chic and gorgeous. I also love that it's only available in three shades, which takes away most of the guesswork normally associated with trying a new foundation or powder and almost completely eliminates the chances of getting it wrong.

The Sensai Triple Touch Compact is £40 and available from Harrods. In my opinion, if you're looking for a great concealer and powder, this is the perfect option and worth every penny.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Candle Crush - Orla Kiely Basil and Mint Scented Candle

Basil and Mint Scented Candle (c/o Orla Kiely)
It's hard to imaging a candle that could look more appropriate for Spring than this beauty featuring Orla Kiely's recognizable signature leaf print in fresh green. With clean notes of fresh basil and mint blended together with essential oils of carraway, may chang and lemon peel, this candle smells beautiful. The aroma is crisp, fresh and relaxing, perfect for any room or office. If you're not into floral or citrus scents, I'd say this is the perfect Spring & Summer candle for you. It's quite light and not at all overwhelming... It doesn't hurt that it's super cute to look at too and when it burns out, you're left with this adorable little jar to repurpose as you choose. This candle is the perfect gift as well and I'd be tempted to keep a few on-hand, wrapped up with bows to give as gifts when occasions arise. Who wouldn't love a beautifully designed candle that smells like a heavenly herb garden?

The Orla Kiely Basil and Mint Scented Candle (200g) is £25 and available online via

Friday, April 15, 2016

Festival Fancies

BECK Evil Eye Choker - $78

With Coachella now underway, Festival Season has officially begun... Whether your a festival veteran or a newbie, it's always fun to stock up on a few essentials for the journey... Beauty essentials that are camping-friendly and fun accessories are the perfect place to start! These are my picks for fab festival fancies this season... 

Beauty Junky Hair Today Dry Shampoo - £5

Korres Yoghurt Sunscreen Face & Body SPF 30 - £19

Lord & Berry Fluid Delicate Micellar Cleansing Water - £16

Nasty Gal Some Swing Special Fringe Belt - £20

NYX Blotting Paper - £5

Party Eyes Temporary Face Beauty Tattoos - £3
Rosena Sammi Ambar Bangles - $77

Beauty Junky Sparkle Lips in Gold - £7.50

Tangle Teezer Pink Leopard Print Compact Detangling Brush - £12.50
MeMe London St. Tropez Black with Gold - £35

Glam Nails With Leighton Denny

In the Gloss Plumping Top Coat / High Performance Nail Colour in Passion / Rock Solid Reinforcing Treatment
(all c/o Leighton Denny) 
I love a good manicure as much as anyone, but unfortunately I don't always have time to stop during regular business hours to get my nails done... It's just not possible and that's the reality of my schedule so I like to have great products at home that I can use to make my nails presentable late at night or early in the morning if I need to. Whether it's for a photograph, for an event or just to keep my nails tidy and neat, it's important to me to keep them looking good between the times when I can stop and have a proper manicure. I've used Leighton Denny nail polishes in the past, but I recently discovered some of the other products in the range and they're fantastic.

Occasionally my nails peel and even when they don't, they're fairly wimpy and they always have been, so anytime I can find a base coat that nourishes or strengthens I'm all about it. Leighton Denny Rock Solid Reinforcing Treatment does this job beautifully. It's a smooth base coat option that protects and encourages nail growth, bonding to the nail beds and rebuilding the fibres so that nails feel restored. I've only been using this product for about a week and my nails already feel stronger and the peeling has stopped. In the Gloss Plumping Top Coat is equally as impressive, offering a gel-like look without the hassle of a salon gel manicure. It's easy to remove, easy to apply, long-lasting and super glossy. Both of these products are great and can be purchased separately or together as the Rock Gloss Duo for £21.

Wearing Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour in Passion
Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour in Passion is a deep red, but what I love about it most is how it catches the light and brightens up. As I'm typing this my nails look a sort of burgundy color, however when I'm outside or in a brighter light, it looks more like a classic red. I love this color and for me, it's a nice and easy transition into a brighter color from my usual go-to black nail polish. Paired with In the Gloss and Rock Solid, this is an easy DIY manicure that dries pretty quickly, has staying power and looks glossy and chic.

In the Gloss, Rock Solid and Passion are £12 each and available online from the LD Boutique.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nu Skin ReNu Hair Mask

ReNu Hair Mask (c/o Nu Skin)
If you follow me on Twitter, it's no secret that I have a blow dry once a week and I occasionally indulge in a treatment while I'm in the salon as and when my stylist says I need one. I have my hair highlighted a few times a year and put it through a fair amount of heat styling, so it does tend to get dry from time to time if I don't take care of it. Aside from salon treatments I try to do an at-home treatment every week or so just to keep my hair in good shape between visits to my stylist. Sometimes I'll do home treatments more often if I'm heat styling my hair more than usual or if it feels particularly dry. Lately I've been using Nu Skin ReNu Hair Mask, which is the first hair product I've ever used from the brand - I'm such a fan of their skincare products that I just had to try it and I love it!

Nu Skin ReNu Hair Mask is a deep conditioning treatment intended for weekly use. Ingredients include Creatine to improve the hair's strength and CS7, a cuticle smoothing agent that seals and strengthens the cuticles to prevent split ends and breakage. This hair mask is a power product to keep in the shower, especially for anyone who has dry, damaged or chemically treated hair that gets tired and weary from all the abuse we put our locks through day after day.

I use ReNu Hair Mask a couple of different ways. The directions say to use it instead of conditioner which is what I do sometimes, but occasionally I'll use conditioner first and follow up with the treatment afterwards. I generally put it on my hair while I'm in the shower and leave it on while I exfoliate my face and shave my legs so it has time to work. If I'm having a bath, I like to put it on first and leave it for a good 20-30 minutes while I soak in the tub and rinse it out afterwards for super soft hair. However I use this product, I always see an improvement in my hair's moisture and shine - it's a lush treatment that I always look forward to using!

Nu Skin ReNu Hair Mask is £24.62 if purchased online and is available via Nu Skin.

Netflix Picks - 90's Revival

French Kiss
Just a few of my favorite 90's movies currently available on Netflix here in the UK... What's your favorite 90's film?

She's the One

The Cutting Edge

Girl, Interrupted

He Said, She Said



Picture Perfect

Romeo + Juliet


The Shawshank Redemption

The Object of My Affection

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Book Review: Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré

Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré
When I bought Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré I must admit that my purchase was mostly motivated by all the pretty photos of the book on Instagram. I picked it up in a train station bookstore after spending a good 20 minutes or so browsing my Instagram feed while waiting for some family to arrive. I wasn't the least bit apologetic when someone asked what it was about and my reply was quite simply, "I don't know." I have been familiar with Garance Doré and her amazing blog, photography and illustrations for years, so I didn't need a proper introduction other than its beautiful cover, but I had no idea how amazing this book would be!

Reading Love x Style x Life is like pouring a cup of coffee and snuggling up on a cozy couch next to the best friend you never knew you had. Garrance Doré is quite candid about love, turning 40, family, personal style and her professional journey, sharing intimate details, funny stories and so much wonderful advice, but she does it in such an open and casual way that it starts to feel like she's an old friend and you've known each other for ages. It's because of this relaxed storytelling style that Love x Style x Life is like the fiction series that makes you sad when it's over because you'll miss the main character (Hunger Games anyone?) except this book is about a real person.

Garance Doré's story is refreshing... I love that she doesn't seem to be sugarcoating anything, gracefully admitting that she works in sweats, doesn't have a desk and isn't so good about responding to e-mails. My favorite part of the book featured her typical daily schedules at various stages of her journey. She's a proper girl boss and having started her chosen career with not much more than an idea and sheer will, she's an inspiration. Whether you're a fellow blogger, starting a business, working for a big company or not at all sure what you want to do with your life, there's something in this book for you. Her story proves that hard work, a realistic sense of self, positive focus and a healthy dose of determination are the only things we need to make our dreams a reality and if that's not terribly appealing, there are also some fabulous fashion insider stories, beauty tips and style suggestions to win you over. This is a book that looks like a frilly girly fashion book (no shame in that, we all love them - I have a shelf full of them!) but it's actually that and so much more. If you only buy one book to take to the beach this summer, buy this one... You won't be sorry - it's a must-read!

Pretty in Pink

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cha Cha Red

Nu Colour Replenishing Lipstick in Cha Cha Red (c/o Nu Skin)
If you read this blog regularly, you have probably guessed that I'm such a fan of Nu Skin products. No joke, almost everything I've tried by the brand is amazing from skincare to haircare and everything in between. I promise I don't work for them - it's just that occasionally you stumble on a brand of beauty products that quite simply nails it at every opportunity. I'm happy to report that when it comes to cosmetics, Nu Skin is just as impressive as I expected. Already a fan of the Nu Colour Curling Mascara, I decided to give the lipsticks a go and I found a perfect red! 

Wearing Nu Colour Replenishing Lipstick in Cha Cha Red
Nu Colour Replenishing Lipstick in Cha Cha Red is a lovely lipstick that works perfectly as an everyday red for gals like me who love a pop of color on their pouts. It's also glamorous enough for evening... As one might expect from its name, it's pretty cha cha!

Nu Colour Replenishing Lipstick isn't just pretty... It works on your lips while you wear it to help keep them looking younger. This lipstick features powerful antioxidant protection from free radicals which are damaging to the delicate skin on the lips while retexturizing the lip tissue. If you suffer from dry lips, this is the lipstick for you because it's super moisturizing! What I also really love about this lipstick is its non-feathering formula which prevents it from bleeding into the skin or lines around the mouth. For me, that's the worst... I hate showing up somewhere only to find that when I head to the bathroom my lipstick has navigated its way off my lips, bleeding into the skin around my mouth.

Nu Colour Replenishing Lipstick is super easy to apply. The only downside is that the color isn't super long lasting, but I generally find that most reds require regular reapplication anyway so this isn't a major drawback for me. I do try to make it last longer if I'm super busy by first covering my lips in a light smearing of red lipliner first. All in all, this is a great lipstick and I can't wait to try some of the other colors too!

Nu Color Lipstick is £17.27 if you purchase it online, comes in 8 colors and is available via Nu Skin.