Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Cards and Programs

Having worked in special events in New York City, when M proposed and we started planning the wedding I insisted that I would make EVERYTHING!!! Well, so far, I've made a lot of it and most of what I made has been lovely - not lavish, but lovely. However, I have now reached the stage where I'm completely crazy with communications to the states to vendors, wedding party, family, friends and hotels and I DON'T WANT TO MAKE STUFF ANYMORE!!!! M is completely supportive of my every choice of whether or not to buy or make and we decided today that making programs and menu cards might put us right over the edge! hahaha

Here is what we're looking at:

I think these menu cards are just lovely. The raised dots border will go perfectly with the polka dot item in the decor. We will have these printed in Fuschia.

These programs look pretty perfect. I love ribbons and have probably already kept several people in their ribbon related jobs during this ridiculous economic crisis with my obscene amount of pink and purple ribbon purchasing!
Here's where y'all come in - We love these, but we're in the initial shopping phase. We are limited to online purchase of these items, so can any of you lovely ladies recommend websites we should look at for possible menu card and program options??? Thanks, gals!!!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!!!
Pink Julep!
PS- Watching Father of the Bride right now - tres appropriate!



  1. Congrats on all the effort to plan everything!! I do corporate event planning and whenever I get engaged, haha, I hope to plan my wedding as well. Just take a deep breath and relax and know that everything looks amazing!!! Hope to see you on my blog as well. xoxo

  2. Jean M did our programs and they came out great. They were inexpensive and worked. Also, most people don't keep the programs past the church...

    I know how crazy wedding planning can be - like you I was an event planner and insisted on doing everything myself! I also created a 10-page run of show for the wedding day (crazy much?!). Basically, take a deep breath and relax. Go get a massage/facial if it'll help. And just remember, whatever you decide, it will all turn out gorgeous. It always does. Some way, some how, turn out gorgeous.

  3. Thanks for your comment today! I really appreciate it! I don't think I will EVER win a mil convo with the hubby...

    Oh well...

  4. I think your inspiration is going to help you create fabulous programs! Father of the Bride is such a great movie, I watched it recently too!

  5. Oh, I just LOVE your picks!!!! FANTASTIC!!!

  6. Oh Father of the Bride is so great! I loved her departure suit when the movie first came out, but now it makes me laugh. Does anyone ever do departure outfits now?
    I wanted to let you know I got my postcard and to say thanks a bunch! I left a tag for you on my blog:

    If you get a sec.

  7. Oh la la! Your wedding is getting sooo close!!! How exciting!? Also, I tagged you on my blog. Xoxo-BLC


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