Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Accidental Party - June 24, 2009

Mister and I didn't plan on having bachelorette & bachelor parties - we tried to figure out ways several times, but there was never enough time with our friends to do it and we didn't really care about having one down here... However, we accidentally got a joint one at the last minute and it turned out great!!!

Everything was finally coming together as of about 1:30pm on Wednesday, June 24th when I was settling in for my hair & make-up trial when I got a surprise! My BFF and MoH, Amy showed up at my hair appointment!!! I was soooo happy to see her and when I got to the hotel, I realized that she & her hubs along with my other bff and her hubs were both in adjoining rooms to ours! AWESOME!!! Mister and I had plans that evening to take out his family for dinner after collecting them from the airport after a long journey from Ireland, but we told my girls and their guys we'd meet for drinks afterwards!

We headed to the airport to pick up the Irish and after everyone checked in, we went to Black Finn in downtown Cincinnati. It was a lovely dinner and we had a blast catching up with Mister's mum and four brothers!!!

We enjoyed good food and conversation!

We were exhausted, but it was so much fun!

Once we settled the bill, I got on the horn with my girls and arranged for them to meet us, but they got a little sidetracked...

There was a guy on the street with a racoon that we'd seen earlier and my bridesmaid Josie (who's completely insane) decided it would be a good idea to pet it and well.... it bit her! hahaha

But they finally made it! I shed my mum appropriate purple Gap Summer Cardi to reveal my bachelorette tank & bride to be mardi gras beads and we set out to have a little fun! The music was pumpin and so was the crowd! None of this was planned - we just fell into it.

We danced a lot!!!


Aren't they a cute couple?

We goofed around!

Told stories...

Took silly pictures...

My Matron of Honor and me.

Shakin booties.

The whole gang! Some of Mister's brothers were there too, but left early as victims of jet lag.

Behold the ritualistic hair twirling! These girls and I, along with one other girlfriend who didn't come until a couple of days later, have a group called The Lemondrops and well... we like to enjoy ourselves and occasionally, we indulge in a little hair twirling. It had to be done!!!

And at the end of the night, I asked the DJ to play my favorite song and here I am... dancin with myself to Billy Idol's Dancin With Myself! Top Tune!!!

All in all it was a great memorable night!!! We couldn't have had more fun if we'd planned a proper party! Some things are just meant to be...


Pink Julep!



  1. It looks like you had fun! I love the idea of a joint bachelor/bachelorette party!

  2. I'm so glad you had a fun time! My Bachelorette party was rather un-planned too! A couple girlfriends of mine got together, schemed, and made one fun weekend of partying and drinks :) It was so fun and I'm glad it happened!

  3. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! What great friends!!

  4. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! What great friends!!

  5. Looks like a Party to me!!
    Thanks for visiting ~~

    xo Laura

  6. That looks too fun! Mine is this weekend, and I can't wait!


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