Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Few Good Reads

I've been spending a lot of time reading since we returned from the honeymoon. It's something I pretty much fantasized about during the busy, hectic year of wedding planning! I bought loads and loads of books as you know if you read my blog regularly, but I never had time to read them. That has all changed recently!

As I come to understand more and more how much I don't like living on the island it seems like it's less of a waste of my time if I'm reading - at least then I'm doing something, learning something. Recent events (the burglary) have made this seeming paradise nearly unbearable for me, so it's nice to escape with films and books and just forget about the stress of it all for a few hours!

I must say, I love my husband dearly and he totally understands - I now understand why during all those months while I was wedding planning, he was reading book after book after book! He has only recently admitted that the island is less than he'd hoped and that there's nothing much here for us - this is such a relief to me! But for now, I read... and most recently, I finished MARY POPPINS by P.L. Travers!

Mary Poppins is such a cute book - not too much like the movie, which I'd heard and that's why I picked up a copy on honeymoon. I highly recommend it for fans of the rambling nanny with a heart of gold, though it doesn't have the same bite or moral to the story as the classic film, so don't be disappointed! I would highly recommend this book for those of you with children - this is a great one that you can read together! And then watch the film after - they do have similarities!

After reading Mary Poppins, I hadn't started a new book when I went to rent movies one Friday night. I'm the first to admit that after the Harry Potter madness, I scoffed at Twilight and judged the followers of the anorexic junky looking teenagers from the film. However, being on a rock in the middle of the sea makes rental choices limited and I gave in to renting the movie last Friday. WOW - such a great film! I was entranced the WHOLE time! I'm now completely in love with everyone in the film. Boy crushes, girl crushes - everyone! They're amazing and all so beautiful! It's disgusting how they've assembled such a perfect cast! Since then, I've finished the first book, Twilight and am now half-way through New Moon, which I only purchased last night! I can't put these books down and instead of donating them when I'm finished, I know I'll read them over and over again!

I can't help but thinking sometimes that if I were a vampire or if I had my own vampire, the burglars wouldn't have come while we slept - living here in the middle of nowhere has one advantage - for the first time in my life (including my childhood) Pink Julep is finally developing and imagination!!! And it only took 28 years! hahahaha

Hope you're all having a great weekend!
Pink Julep!


  1. Let's just hope you can get off the island soon! Funny how that would seem like a paradise place to live, but as they say - the grass is always greener . . . xoxo

  2. you always have such great book reviews- I've wanted to read Mary Poppins for awhile but never got around to picking it up- I'll absolutely do that now that I know it has the Pink Julep seal of approval!




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