Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great Night at Home

After work, Mister Julep and I headed to Hurley's, a large more upscale grocery store on the island. While there, we picked up a few movies, a bottle of wine and some supplies and when I got home, I made this pizza!!!

It was super easy! I just bought the Pilsbury pizza dough in a can (I know - lame, but it's so good!), a small can of Del Monte tomato sauce, cheese, turkey pepperoni and the Butterball grilled chicken strips you can find in the deli section of the grocery store. I put it all together and baked at 400 for 17 minutes and YUMMMEEEEEE!!!! I'm so proud of myself!

Okay, the verdict is in - I've come to the dark side and I'm officially a Twilight dork! I now understand why everyone loves that scruffy vampire dude! And did you know he wrote and performed 2 songs on the soundtrack?!?!?! He's hot and I love him and I sometimes wish Mister Julep was a vampire, but that's a story for another day!

What a great movie!!! We're watching it again now... gotta go...


Pink Julep!

PS - more wedding adventure stories to come, but I'm takin a wee break... tired. :-)



  1. Your pizza looks delicious! And I am with you on the Twilight love!

  2. I made the SAME pizza last week. Same crust (I did square), Turkey Pepperoni, Chicken etc. That is so funny. I am going to try to make a BBQ Chicken pizza next.

  3. Yummy pizza and Im with you with the Twilight dork thing.... love that movie... xxooo

  4. I've used that dough, it's so easy and bakes so well! Looks tasty!


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