Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Happy Father's Day Weekend at Home!

After many hours of travelling, Mister Julep and I were tired, silly and quite frankly, slap happy! Pictured below is a sample of the madness that took place in one of the three airports we were in, but I'm not sure which one...

Alas, we eventually drove into the familiar driveway of home where I slept in the day bed my granny got me for Christmas when I was 14 - so comfy!!! It's nice to go home sometimes!

After a few hours sleep, I was woken up by scratches at the door and wimpers... it was none other than my fur baby, Kiss (warning, pictures below are sweet, but not at all pretty!)

Kiss, appropriately named since she LOVES to give kisses, is half Shih Ztu/half Chiuahuah. She is the daughter of Fifi and Clooney (named after George by his owner) and I adopted her soon after she was born in the summer of 2003. Kiss came home to me the day after I saw KISS and Aerosmith in concert and she was smaller than the palm of my hand even though she was the fatty in the litter! She was mostly black, but had white circles around her eyes and white around her mouth - seemed only fitting to give her a rockstar name! In 2004, I moved to NYC and though I wanted to take her with me, it never worked out. By the time it did, my parents were so attached to her that I donated her to them... they needed her much more than I did... now she's fat and spoiled, but happy as can be and still loves her mommy!

We hit the ground running on Father's Day Sunday and headed to Walmart for some last minute supplies. Then we made a trip out to visit my Grandmother's sister, Aunt Phoebe & Uncle Jr. since they were unable to attend the wedding. It was a great visit!

When we came back, the Father's Day BBQ preparations were in full swing! Here's my step-dad with his favorite child.

My sister has a beautiful family! She and her hubs are the best parents and their children are amazing and so well-behaved! (no, I'm not biased... they really are!) My brother-in-law was having eye troubles and loads of lazer eye surgeries that whole week. There was a potential blindness scare and a thought that he wouldn't get to come to the wedding. He started dating my sister when I was 7 or 8, so that was obviously not cool! But it all worked out, his eye healed and all is well! Thank God!!!

Uncle Julep getting to know his new nephew!

Baby likes Uncle Julep!!!

After a quick costume change, more quality time with Uncle Julep!

All us gals were sooooo busy with ribbons, bows and glue guns that Mister Julep was on baby patrol most of the weekend, but I think they both enjoyed some boys' time!

Uncle Julep, girls are stupid, but you're pretty cool!

Aren't they cute!?!?! I just couldn't resist posting these photos!
On another note, we did our first grocery shop today as a married couple! We went a little overboard, but it was fun!
More to come...
Pink Julep!


  1. Love those pics of Uncle Julep and baby!!

  2. I saw KISS and Aerosmith in Chicago that same year!!! Amazing concert, huh?!

    The best pictures usually are the ones when we've just rolled out of bed!!


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