Saturday, July 11, 2009

June 23rd - Dinner at The Melting Pot

Here are some photos from the last dinner we had as singletons alone before all the madness began! Enjoy!

Oh, and we celebrated by ordering a bottle of Perrier Jouet and it was LOVELY!!!

I love the way the steam showed up in the photos.

Our dinner was amazing and we decided to top it off with the Flaming Turtle chocolate/caramel/nuts fondue!

They set the amoretto on fire and it's burning in this photo, but for some reason, the fire didn't show up in the picture... MAGIC!

There it is!!!!

Isn't this gorgeous?!?!?! It sure was tasty!

If you've never been to the melting pot, do treat yourself! My husband (well, husband-to-be at the time) was very skeptical at first, but after just one bite, he was SOLD!!! So check it out! It's yummy!!!!
Pink Julep!

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  1. Love The Melting Pot, lots of fun! Dessert is definitely the best!


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