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Thursday, June 25th - Rehearsal & Dinner

Thursday morning the girls and I woke up kind of early and went to get our nails done - I needed to have my toenails painted blue for my "something blue" and the girls came along to do the same - Amy needed to mend her acrylics so we made an appointment at 10am.

We were very tired from the antics the night before, but it was fun!

Once my nails were ready I left the girls and picked up all the boys along with the mother of the groom to drop them off at the tuxedo rental store so they could be fitted, get alterations and collect their tuxes. While they did that, I ran over to Reading to collect my dress and veil after steaming. I got lost...

But then, I saw something I'd seen the day before... Funny how Giligan couldn't find his way off the island, but he lead me to my dress! Thanks Giligan!

After all that madness, I packed up the rehearsal dinner gear for the gals to deliver and got ready for the rehearsal. It's about a 30 minute drive from downtown Cincy. When we left, all was well and sunny. But by the time we got there, Michael Jackson had died and the weather looked like this...

And I was worried. All in all, during the weeks of our wedding and honeymoon, Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays and McNair died. Also, a serial killer murdered 5 people in one week and the monorail crashed on the night before our last day of honeymoon killing the driver - it seems from all that tragic news that we were lucky to survive those weeks. It also made the weeks just seem so much more important as we were reminded that life is short so live it up!

Since the weather was so poor and we didn't have a back-up indoors rehearsal plan, we practiced in front of the building underneath the awning - worked out fine.

I flipped out (on the inside - calm on the outside) a little because the vows were not what I wanted. Let's be honest - I cringed about much of the way the ceremony was rehearsed, but we had a GREAT minister and he was very open. He changed the ceremony to suit what we wanted and even e-mailed it to us that night for approval and we were able to have everything the way we wanted! Worked out great - we opted for traditional vows.

With my step-dad and my dad. I had them both give me away as I have always known and been close to both of them. There's no way I could chose - I have a very important and different relationship with each of them. These are the two best men in the world!

I had picked out two shirt options for Mister Julep for the rehearsal dinner. He could either wear a deep purple or a fuschia Lacoste polo, but his A.D.D. took over. Because he bought this blue shirt that day, he forgot what he was supposed to do and wore the blue one! I was so busy I didn't notice and wasn't shocked at all when I finally did... he's funny!

I really did do my hair, but the weather took over and it went a bit limp and frizzle.

Loved my dress - from Express!

My poor dad had four children - all girls!

My sister was so great about being available and helping with EVERYTHING! She was truly a star and really saved the day several times!

My two nieces are growing up so fast and I was so excited to have one as a bridesmaid and the other as the flower girl. I love my girls so much and they're just gorgeous!

This is my oldest niece. She's such a sweet and beautiful girl!

The men!

My girls are so sweet! I just loved their little dresses!

My mommy looked beautiful and was on full-time baby duty with our honorary ring bearer, my handsome little nephew! He's growing up so fast!

He was very well-behaved!

My sister and her girls are so close, beautiful and just wonderful in every way!

All the girls!

After the rehearsal, we headed to Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse for a BBQ Rehearsal Dinner. On the way, Mister and I realized we had forgotten the music and stopped by the hotel to pick it up - he changed his shirt of his own accord... again, I didn't even notice for a while, but when I did, I was pleased! He's good!

The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom - they got on like a house on fire and at one point of the evening, they were completely sober yet singing duets! hahaha

I thought the bibs were hysterical!

My nephew enjoyed the festivities!

The bandana napkins and picnic table ants were a huge hit!

My great aunt Dot was able to come to both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, which was such a treat! The last time I saw her, 3 years ago, it was the first time in 16 years. I'm so happy to be seeing her more regularly these days! She's such a character!!!

The food was delicious! Choice of halibut, BBQ ribs or BBQ chicken. I had the chicken and it was AMAZING!!! So moist! Mister said the ribs were the best he'd ever had!!! I guess our previous location closing was a blessing in disguise... our choice worked out well! We picked it off the internet having never been there before! It was lucky, I guess!

After a while, people got silly with the bandannas - here's Mister, channelling Ralph Machio or Tupac - not sure which!

My Matron of Honor with one of the groomsmen.

My mother asked if she could take care of the groom's cake. I asked her to get a motorcycle with the Irish flag - this was WAY better than I expected and the groom was over the moon about it! It was fab and tasty too - Lemon!!!

I read somewhere that some Southern traditions include serving the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner the night before and I thought that was cool - I'd only ever seen them at the reception. But it worked out really well as the desert at our rehearsal dinner - everyone loved it!

Next post will be the Wedding Breakfast! Hope you're all enjoying the pictures and if not... check in with me in a week or two when I'm posting about normal things again!
True Blood tonight - YAY!!!! But for now, I'm going to the pool! NICE!
Pink Julep!


  1. Gorgeous pictures!!!! Looks like an amazing & special time :)

  2. Holy crap - your mom was my English teacher my senior year! I had her for AP English and I got the English award at graduation! How funny!

  3. hahaha love the bids! so cute
    everything looks amazing!

  4. Great pics! That was a crazy nutty week, wasn't it?

    You look gorgeous with so many people that obviously love you so much. Looks like a great day despite the icky rain.

    Great post, you know how to leave us on the edge of our seats.

  5. I love the pictures and the recap of your wedding weekend! So much fun!! :)

  6. That looks like everyone was having an amazing time- you looked beautiful too and the Mister didnt do so bad himself despite the wardrobe malfunctons! :-)

  7. I haven't been by in a while and am having fun catching up on all the wedding photos! Love the bibs and the Groom's Cake...too cute.

  8. I am from Cincy but havent been back there in 8 years... I LOVE the montgomery Inn!! It was always where we went for my birthday dinners. They have the best ribs ever!
    Cute blob BTW, I am obvioulsy a new reader.

  9. I meant Blog, Oops.


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