Friday, July 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 23rd - 3 Days Till the Wedding

At 5am on the Tuesday before our Friday wedding we embarked on our journey to Cincinnati, leaving the comfort of home behind. It was an adventure to say the least - well, it was for us anyway. We left so early as to get our marriage license and attend my final fitting among other errands.

We packed up the rented mini-van the night before - it took hours...

And hours....

And hours. But we finally got it all sorted. You can see the Welcome bags in the photo - unfortunately it might be the only photo of these since I was silly and forgot to take pictures of them in the rush to get them ready. They took FOREVER to put together!!! Especially since when the bags arrived, they had the WRONG DATE! But I didn't freak out... instead, I set out with mom, sister and groom in tow on a trip to Walmart for a solution... my brilliant and crafty mother, equipped with a hot glue gun, covered the date up with irridescent confetti hearts and they turned out to be more beautiful and sparkly than they already were! It wasn't what we planned on, but we rolled with it... Future brides, you must learn to do this... go with the flow or you'll drive yourself mental!

We got our marriage license and despite horror stories we'd heard, it only took about 20 minutes, which was good since we arrived later than expected!

By this point, I was feeling very proud of my scheduling and organizational skills - not previously major talents of mine. Observe the pink croco camera case dangling from my Vera Bradley wallet on a string (PS, the BEST invention EVER for a girl on the go!!!) - my fella bought it for me at Walmart cause it's Pink! Isn't he sweet!?!?!?!

Officially licensed to wed!!!

Then we set out on the road again towards Reading where the famed wedding district can be found for my fitting... We saw this cool classic purple car (on the right in the photo below)! We took it as a sign since our colors were pink & purple!

We got a little lost which made us 5 minutes late so I had to reschedule - for being 5 MINUTES LATE!!! That annoyed me, but whatever... nothing I could do at that point... So we walked around while we waited for the later appointment. We also dropped off our cake topper. It was so exciting to see Sweetwater Bakehouse since Becca, our baker, didn't have a store front when we met her. She worked out of a catering kitchen by appointment only - 9 months later and here she is with her very own store! Seriously, if you're in the Cincinnati area and in need of a cake, google this place. The cakes are beautiful and very tasty!!! She can do whatever you want and they're very reasonably priced compared to some! The coolest thing about her cakes is that they are animal friendly! She only uses organic locally raised, cage-free, farm-fresh eggs, milk, etc. She is vegan and also does vegan cakes in case anyone in Cincy is looking for a good vegan baker. Anyway, she's amazing and gives you a fresh-baked top tier for your one year anniversary so you don't have to freeze one and eat it when it's all nasty a whole year later!

More to come...
Pink Julep!


  1. Yay for getting a fresh-baked top tier for your first anniversary! Hubby and I just recently ate the year old one from our wedding and it was...well...not good.

    Enjoy this time before the wedding, relax and try to take everything in!

  2. can't even wrap my mind around how great this must have felt! :)


  3. Love the idea of a fresh cake one year later. Which reminds me I need to order mine soon!

  4. What a neat idea-a fresh cake for your first anniversary! Wishing you all the best in the coming days!!! So exciting!


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