Friday, August 14, 2009

Disney Honeymoon - Part 2

Mister Julep fought me tooth and nail over this one - he thought it was weird for adults to ride the carousel... this was his first time! It's one of my favorites and soon he came around to my way of thinking!

My little Pirate of the Carribean!

Character breakfast in our hotel. The characters are pretty cool, but the food is AMAZING!!!

Downtown Disney was loads of fun!

And while we were there, my sweetie bought me this FABULOUS pair of pink & black Prada sunnies!!! I'm completely in love with them!!! My first Prada anything!

Dinner at Narcoosie's - we liked it so much we went twice!

The filet there is AMAZING!!! I'm also a huge fan of the fingerling potatoes!

Towards the end we went to a Princess breakfast in Norway at Epcot - the food there was AMAZING as well!!!! Really delicious breakfast!

Ariel asked me "What kind of treasure did he put on your finger?" which I thought was really cute!

2nd dinner at Narcoosie's - the mudslides there are soooo good!

And the key lime creme brulee was to die for! (I'm not sure if I spelled that right... hmmm?)

Face down on bed = day well played! Check out the Chi on the bed next to me! Mister bet me that if I would do the Crusher Gusher at Blizzard Beach (a huge water slide where one plumets straight down on her booty at 55 miles per hour leaving several bruises on the hips & bottom) that he would buy me the Chi flat iron/curling iron all in one! Let me tell you! It's MAGIC!!!

Basin White is a store in the Grand Floridian and we both got products there that we LOVE LOVE LOVE! There is a sister store in Downtown Disney called Basin! These places are so great, selling all kinds of bath, body and shave products that smell delicious! I think there is a location in Vegas as well, but you can also buy online

We picked up one of these adorably appropriate soaps! It's champagne and strawberries scented!

Ear comes the bride!

Americanizing the Irish.... wah ha ha ha (evil laugh!)

Rockin it Daniel Boone style in Canada at Epcot!

We were in Epcot on July 4th and this lady's outfit was so patriotically tacky that I HAD to get a photo!

The next time we saw her, she was dancing solo on a platform as if no one were watching! SO FUNNY!!!!

I LOVE this guy's t-shirt!!!

Mister Julep was resistant to the Disney honeymoon on more than one occasion, but by the end of our trip, he was worshipping in the House of Mouse! So cute in his t-shirt!!!

Remember me, I'll be famous!

This photo is dedicated to all you Lily Pulitzer lovers out there! The Grand Floridian has a boutique that sells loads of LP clothes, accessories and perfumes!

In the hotel lobby just before we left... we were a little sad to leave.

There's no McDonald's on the island so we enjoyed a feast in the airport of burgers, fries and chicken mcnuggets in the airport before getting on the plane! Yummy!

Since I didn't have time for a LUSH pitstop before the wedding, I was delighted to throw some much needed money into the economy when I saw a LUSH in the airport!!!! YAY!!!

We were sad for the honeymoon to be over, but so excited to start our life and many adventures together as husband and wife!!!

Well, this is the end of the wedding and honeymoon posting! I hope you've enjoyed the photos! Now it's back to normal living - hooray!!! Sleep tight lovelies!!!
Pink Julep!


  1. Hello, just wanted to stop by and leave you a comment because I've really enjoyed reading your lovely posts. Your pictures are fantastic too - thank you for sharing your writing !

  2. I love your new Prada sunglasses! What a fun and special treat! As for the Lilly, OMG, I'd be LIVING in that store... :)

  3. Oh, you got some great pictures there! What fun memories! Don't you love The Grand Floridian? I can't stay anywhere else now!
    I LOVE your new sunglasses.

  4. Looks like you guys had an awesome trip and the food is making me SO hungry!! Ugh!! Is it dinner yet?

  5. I love Disney...I live in florida so you would think I would get there more than I do. Love the look like scarlet Johansen in that picture!
    Anyways, Congrats on being married people! =)

  6. Love the Prada glasses! they look great on you.


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