Sunday, August 16, 2009

Recent Pink Julep Movie Screenings

TV is crappy lately and we have limited channel choices on the island - a small price to pay for living in a so-called paradise. So we make very good use of our Blockbuster card and the Camana Bay Cinema. These are the movies we saw last week:

My Best Friend's Girl is great!!! It's funny along the lines of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and has many of the same cast members. I thoroughly enjoyed this funny little movie and laughed my butt off!!! Pink Julep recommends this light-hearted comedy for a night when you're well in need of a good laugh or two!
Hamlet 2, starring the fabulous Steve Coogan is nothing short of Hysterical! If you love the Christopher Guest movies like Best in Show, This is Spinal Tap, and especially Waiting for Guffman (very similar to this one), then you'll love Hamlet 2!!! Very funny!

Pink Julep was looking forward to The International since Clive Owen is hotter than socks on a rooster, but it disappoints... it's not very good. And I wish Naomi Watts would just give it up - she's just not a good actress!

We went to the cinema to see My Sister's Keeper and it was so good, but quite possibly one of the most depressing films I've ever seen. It's worse of a tear jerker than Marley & Me... I needed a stiff drink after this one, but Pink Julep fully recommends this film for anyone!!!
Off to watch The Soloist now! Happy Sunday!!!
Pink Julep!



  1. thanks for the info...been trying to think of a good movie for a girls night! = )

  2. I really want to see "My Sister's Keeper," but everyone says it's just sooooo sad! I was just thinking yesterday that I need to go to a movie:) Thanks for your reviews!

  3. I saw the International on my flight home from Rome and it was so bloody and violent. Usually I don't mind but I felt bad for the people next to me!

  4. I have already seen "My Sisters Keeper" and it really did broke my heart. The mother's love to her daughter, the sister's fight against her mother just to give the sick sister's wishes. it was heartbreaking as well as heartwarming. the services that the mother provided for her child is unfailing.


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