Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reception Part One - Professional Photos

Photos by Tammy Bryan -

Now introducing Mr. & Mrs. Pink Julep!!!

The escort cards I made.

I don't know when they started photographing my backside, but I love love love the detail of my dress in this shot!

Best Man's toast - Mr. Julep's oldest brother.

Matron of Honor's toast - My super bestie!

I LOVED our cake topper and the cake was really fab and YUMMY!!!!

First dance as husband and wife.

Dance with my father.

Mr. Julep's dance with his mother - so cute!

Dance with my stepfather.

Bridal Party Dance

My little cousin is an amazing dancer! He kept us entertained for hours and hours!

A few days before, my grandparents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary! So I had the DJ play Grandpa's favorite song, Rocky Top and wish them a Happy Anniversary! They cut a rug - he's in his mid-80's! It was AWESOME!!!

Since Michael Jackson died the day before, we requested several MJ songs as a tribute - and this is a shot of me, doing my own little choreographed tribute to the King of Pop! Shamone!

And here's me, startin with the man in the mirror - oh yeah ah ah

My gorgeous husband enjoying himself! He's so cute in his shades!

My mom was dancin like a fool!

Get a lil bit softer now...

You know you make me wanna... SHOUT!

Pink Julep!

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  1. It all looks fun and fabulous! I especially love your cake!


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