Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love Love Love!!!

I haven't tried Blonde Glam yet because I'm going to pick it up when I get my hair cut this weekend, so I grabbed this at the grocery last week and WOW! I'm impressed! This deep conditioner makes my hair really soft and shiny and it actually does combat frizz, which is amazing here on humidity island! Bonus is, I only had to pay like $6 for it in the grocery store! Not too shabby!

Pink Julep!


  1. This does work...I've been using this occasionally for quite a few years, and I've always loved the results. You can't go for two days without washing your hair when you use it, but if you are planning to wash it everyday, then it's perfect!

  2. Wow!! I have always wondered how his stuff worked! Thanks for sharing I will have to try that! = )

  3. I am shopping for new shampoo soon! I have seen this and have wondered if it was any good. Thanks for sharing!


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