Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pink Julep DVD Collection - Christmas Edition

So, I know it's a little soon to start thinking about Christmas, but with the release of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past today on DVD, it got me thinkin about all the Christmas RomComs I love to watch around the holidays!!! I certainly plan to get this movie as soon as I can get my hands on a copy since I loved it so much in the theatre! Here's my list of favorite Christmas RomComs, new and old! Of course we love the classic Christmas films like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life, but we tend to enjoy the RomComs over and over and throughout the year! Some of these I have already - some I will be buying this year for my collection! But all of them will be enjoyed by me and hubs while we turn our air conditioner down waaay low and pretend it's winter while drinking hot cocoa even though it's 90 degrees outside! I know lame!

In no particular order:

1. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

2. When Harry Met Sally

3. About a Boy

4. The Holiday

5. The Family Stone

6. Bridget Jones's Diary

7. Bridget Jones's Diary 2: The Edge of Reason

8. Love Actually

9. Sex and the City Movie

10. New in Town

What are your favorite Christmas movies?!


Pink Julep!



  1. I love this post! I adore Christmas and Christmas movies!

    Of course I love the classics that you mentioned. Don't laugh, but I also love Home Alone 2 because I can't get enough of seeing NYC at Christmas.

    The Holiday is amazing and definitely one that I need to pick up this year!

  2. You have to watch Love Actually during Christmas time... the BEST! :)

    Great blog!


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