Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rain Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Good Hair Day!

With all this rain effecting the east coast, the south, and yes, the Cayman Islands, I'm sure most of us are a little stressed about the inevitable fro-puff that becomes our hair during rain and humidity! But don't the rain keep you from being chic and fabulous! Combat rainy frizz with an updo or braids and still look well-put-together or at the very least, intentionally messy! Try one of these glamorous upstyles with your everyday work attire and make-up for a professional sun-worthy rainy day doo!

Braids are great for rainy days because they actually hold your hair down, preventing the poofy mess of frizz!

I like to face a rainy day by putting my hair in Dorothy-style french braids with a part down the middle and then pinning them around my head. I have gotten nothing but complements on this style and it keeps my hair at bay!
Stay dry girls!

Pink Julep!



  1. I love that the braided look is back in. It is so cute!

  2. ohhh I love all of those!! My hair needs some serious help!! = )


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