Thursday, September 24, 2009

Workouts: Do You Work it Alone or as a Team?

My husband and I go to the gym together most of the time, as in we ride in the same car. However, Pink Julep and group fitness don't mesh well! I am a solo in the gym... I work alone!

However, I've been noticing that a lot of super fit celebs are working in their work-outs as a way of spending time with their significant others.

Reese and Jake do it...

Fergie and Josh are always photographed getting fit together!

Can't catch TomKat when they're together!

Even though they're no longer together, it wasn't so long ago we were seeing loads of photos of Kim and Reggie hitting the gym as a duo!

Keith and Nicole are even doin it down under!

Is this a hint? Should date night be spent at the gym if I wanna be super fit, fabulous and tiny?!?!? Should I skip the dinner and a movie and go straight to working off the filet and popcorn I haven't even had yet?!
I'm curious to know from you attached gals out there... would you work out with your beaus or are you single when it comes to gym time?!?!
Pink Julep!



  1. My FI and I used to go to the gym together. The same as you, ride there together and leave together, other than that we each went our own way. We did different style workouts so it just didn't make sense to be together.

  2. TBF and I are on the verge of starting to do this. He won't go unless I do, so I see a pattern beginning. However when we get there I'm sure we'll go our separate ways!

  3. Jared and I go to the gym but dont do the same workout. I think I like it better that way!! hahaha xxooo

  4. My Hubs is not an exerciser. He prefers to channel surf while I sweat my tail off. Boo to him!

  5. My boyfriend made me run with him and I haaate running! But he would cook dinner afterwards so it was ok.

  6. i never work out with my hubby.... because he doesnt work out. but i always think its cute when couple do get their sweat on together.

  7. Oh how I wish my husband would join me at the gym. He won't(: I'm always trying to convince him to get off the couch!

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