Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Costume!

I have finally decided on my halloween costume for this year. I'm going to be Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family!!!

Now, I'm not so dillusional that I don't realize that I'm a little too fat for this costume and that the skirt is so short that I'll have to wear bike shorts under it if I don't want peeps to see my bum, but believe it or not, this is as much coverage as I'm gonna get from the slim pickins on this island! So I just won't eat for the rest of the month! hahahaha (JUST KIDDING - I DON'T AGREE WITH STARVATION!!!)

My past costumes have been pink or cute (aside from last year's Amy Winehouse) and this year I kinda wanted to be gothy or scary. This is as scary as Pink Julep gets... I'm super psyched about the wig though!!!

What are you gonna be for Halloween???

Pink Julep!



  1. What a great costume! We haven't figured ours out yet!

  2. I don't think I'm going to dress up this year, but K is going to be a little lamb. I like your Wednesday...can't wait to see pics!

  3. I love wigs for halloween! I'm thinking of being a peacock haha, I'll need to make the costume myself though and haven't started yet. That, or Lara Croft but I don't know if people would get that one.

  4. Well, it's looking like it's been narrowed down to the pink Marilyn Monroe dress and Lucille Ball. I haven't decided yet! Thanks for your input - I will definitely post pics.

    --DC Prep

  5. you are going to have so much fun- nothing like a total alter ego, esp as a brunette! you're going to rock it!



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