Friday, October 16, 2009

Lovin Her Style - Jessica Stroup

This 90210 gal is such a cutie! Pink Julep does not condone her hungry look and would hereby like to offer to make her a fattening dinner with desert anytime she wants, however, she's adorable and her style is undeniably fabulous! I just love her choices! Have a look!

* This is my favorite!!!

Happy Friday!!!
Pink Julep!



  1. That little black number she was wearing just made me HAVE to go shopping! I am in love with her too especially the dark hair with stunning blue eyes...That's awesome! <3

  2. Oh my word! This lil lady is realllly hungry!

    You cook one night for her & I will cook the 2nd! I think that would help :)


  3. I couldn't agree with you more! Pretty girl, great style... but it hurts me to look at her sometimes!

  4. Jess and I are high school friends! She left for LA immediately after graduation. I'm so excited she's found success in Hollywood, but I will assure you that she was NOT that skinny in high school. Thin, but not emaciated. I love her style too!

  5. She looks SO great!! I love her style too, and I hope to have a body like that next Spring / Fall! :)

  6. She has great style! But I think she might need to eat a sandwhich! hahah.


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