Sunday, October 18, 2009

Major Snaps to the Newest Diet Book Author! Who Said She Was Clueless?!?!

I grew up loving Alicia Silverstone, particularly because of her tour de force performance as the girl I always wanted to be (minted, popular, fabulous, well-dressed... did I mention unaccountable and independently wealthy?) when I was growing up, Cher in CLUELESS!!!

I also loved her in the Aerosmith videos - so carefree and sprited with a then relatively unknown Liv Tyler:

And now I hear she's written a book about dieting and eating healthy:

She looks AMAZING!!! Did anyone else read this yet? I'm dying to know if it's good... I'm a little concerned that it might be all vegetarian. If anyone knows much about this book, please comment and fill me in. We won't get it on island for a while, I'm sure.
Hope you're all enjoying the start to your weekends!
Pink Julep!



  1. I loved her in Clueless, she still looks amazing!

  2. I love her too but I do believe it is not only Veg, but Vegan. So as much as I love her, I will probably skip the book. I might be able to swing the vegetarian thing for a while but if! Haha. Let us know if you find fun recipes in it though. Because I agree, she looks fabulous.

  3. She is a serious vegan so this book will be animal free for sure!

  4. I'm almost 100% postive its a vegan diet! Eeps! I couldn't do it but she does look good!

  5. I agree that it's a vegan diet book. She does look amazing though!


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