Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Hair!

So ladies, I took the plunge and got some bangs and I do believe it's love!!! I had bangs for ages and I'm glad to have them back again! I also ended up going a lot shorter than I thought I would, but I totally needed to cause the hair at the bottom was thin and ratty and it was time to set it free! I think I look a lot different - this is not a good picture really, but it's the only one I have at the mo so I'll have to post some others later.
I also picked up one of these brushes by Olivia Garden and it's AWESOME!!! I had never heard of their brushes until I read about them on Pretty in Pink Megan's Blog but I saw one in a salon here and decided to try it out and I LOVE IT! If you get the smaller ones, you can really use them to actually CURL your hair with just a blowdryer and the brush (though it might take a while)! Anyway, I got only a small one cause I have another type of large boar's bristle brush I'd been using, but needed a small one for my bangs. However, even though this puppy set me back nearly $40 USD, I'll be going back for a fat one cause they're AMAZING and so much better than what I already have!
Happy Monday Gals!
Pink Julep!



  1. I love it! You look just like Ms. Witherspoon! Darling!

  2. I just love your new hair!! It looks great!! And I'll have to check out those brushes!!

  3. you look great girl!! you are stylin and profilin now!


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