Monday, October 19, 2009

Pink Julep Approved Basic Tips & Toes Maintenance Tools!

We all love to pick out new shades of nail polish but just like anything else in life, we have to tend to the basics as well, which is why a couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to sort out my nail basics and tools to see what needs to be replaced and what's missing! I picked up a few things at a salon that I like and used them so here's the review:

OPI Base Coat - Of course it works in the salon, but I've had the worst problem forever... every time I base & top coat, I end up making a goopy mess of the nail situation! Not with this! This base coat is great and even with dark colors, it prevents nail staining! A must for fall if you're using blacks, maroons, deep reds or purples, etc.

OPI Top Coat - IT DRIES FAST!!! A bonus! Pink Julep loves it!!!

I also saw this nipper at the salon for 50% off and decided to try it out. Honestly, yes, I knicked myself a couple of times, but this tool is great!!! Mani/Pedi's on this island are super super expensive... think about $100 USD for one trip (and that's cheap!) to the mani/pedi salon... too pricey for regular visits! Yes there are cheaper places, but $25 CI, about $30 USD is the cheapest price I've seen for just a manicure and it's not in a desireable establishment. I'll do my own thank you very much and splurge for special occasions! Anyway, the point is, this nipper allows me to sort my cuticles and skin around the nails out on my own! I'm pretty sure I don't know how I ever lived without it before! And unlike previous nippers I've owned, it's not dull... it's good and sharp!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Here's to the start of another week! The time is flying so quickly!!!
Pink Julep!


  1. I love to do my own nails - I think it ends up looking better anyways if I spend a good chunk of time on it!

    Have you ever tried OPI Nail Envy as a topcoat? OMG, that stuff is miraculous. It dries completely rock hard.

  2. I love your suggestions...I need to start doing my own nails more often, so this is great! Thanks! :)

  3. Thanks for the tips! I live 45 mins from a decent mani/pedi place so I need all the good stuff I can get for doing them at home!

  4. I love having cuticle nippers at home to maintain my nails. This cuticle nipper is great and I never cut myself. It has a tweezer like design.

  5. ive just been touching up my own nails, although sooo hard... i loveee my buffer though!! xxxooo

  6. I will have to try these products! Much cheaper than going to the salon...even though thats very fun!

  7. Yes, one must always have the basics on hand whether they have regular pedis or not! Ky girl turned Florida girl, my tootsies take a beating!!

    Have you tried Earth Therapeutics? They have the worlds BEST slougher thingy...I can't think of what it's called. If you're interested, email me!

  8. I love OPI products and I've used the top coat before and think that it works really well. I cannot believe the price of a mani/pedi on the! It sounds like something nice to do for special occasions.

    I had been having issues with my nails peeling and started using Nailtiques Formula 2. It works so well for issues like that.

  9. I need one of those clippers! You are so right, so many of them are dull, dull, dull, and its so annoying. Ill have to find one!


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