Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pink Julep at the Movies

I have to say, after loving Juno so much, I was so excited for Jennifer's Body.

But I was disappointed in most respects. It's a great story/plot. It's decently written although a little too much hip language made it sound unbelievable.

Also, pretty as she may be, Megan Fox is not talented. She is not the worst, but she's certainly not good enough to pull off that kind of dialogue. Most of the time she sounded like she couldn't even read her dialogue, much less understand what it means! She ruined this movie for me.

Amanda Seyfried is one to watch for sure. This little doll is a rising star! She is excellent in this film and a very talented little actress! She makes Megan Fox look like an over-paid douchebag! I can't wait to see Seyfried's next 10 movies!

All in all, this film was good fun, but it wasn't necessarily good. I actually enjoyed the comic relief of Sorority Row better, but it was a fun night out to the movies and a perfect choice for this time of year with Halloween right around the corner!!!
Can't wait to see Zombieland!!! It opens here tonight!!!
Pink Julep!



  1. Have you seen MAMMA MIA! Amanda was so stinkin cute in it! And while Megan Fox is incredibly sexy, I think Amanda has much more talent.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I don't think I'll waste my money on it.

  3. I don't think I'll waste my money either...Thanks for the review!

  4. Overpaid D-bag. I'm DYING over here!!!

  5. I watched this yesterday, and I have to tell you, Amanda S. was awesome! I loved the dialog, too! Diablo Cody was great with Juno and this one too! I love your movie reviews. Thanks :)


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