Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Treats for Pink Julep's Kitchen!!!

Mr. Julep and I did some shopping over the weekend and we picked a few treats for the kitchen! If you've been reading either my blog or my tweets, you've probably noticed that I've recently become very interested in cooking and have been whippin up a storm making everything from stew to muffins to breads to steaks and I've been really enjoying it! Hubby hasn't complained at all - in fact, I'm pretty sure he's gained 5 or 10 lbs! hee hee

I was delighted when hubby suggested we pick up this baby - the original Crock Pot! I love it!!! I made the most delicious beef stew yesterday!

I've also had my eye on the Cath Kidston recipe organizer for a while, but vowed not to waste the money on it until I was serious about using it to keep good recipes... well, it's gotten serious and I finally picked one up on Saturday! It's so pretty!!!

I love that it has conversion tables and tabs. And if I print something off the internet, I just need to hole punch it and pop it in! It also includes perforated shopping lists and pockets for recipe cards!

I couldn't resist this beautiful cookbook! It has recipes from around the world and I'm pretty excited about trying some of them this week!

I'm super determined to go from being the girl who cooked the same 5 things every week to the lady with a vast repertoire of recipes at her fingertips! I could also stand to eat better than I used to and honestly, since I've started cooking from scratch, I feel better, have more energy and I've lost 4 pounds!!! YAY!!!
What are your favorite cookbooks?
Pink Julep!


  1. I love the Barefoot Contessa books and French Food at Home by Laura Calder :O)

  2. All of your new items are sure to make cooking tons of fun!

  3. I have the exact same crockpot and I loove it! "Not your mother's slow cooker" is a great slow cooker book - I have the one with recipes for 2 people. I also love Bon Appetit's "Fast, Easy, Fresh" cookbook.

  4. I need a slow cooker so bad! I love my Rachel Ray cookbook, she makes cooking seem so easy!

  5. I could speak for days on my favorite books - I collect both recipe and entertaining books and spend some time every Sunday flipping through them. I concur that you can't go wrong with the Barefoot Contessa books and Williams Sonoma "Small Plates".


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