Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pink Julep at Blockbuster: Film Reviews

I will forever be a fan of Lifetime and made for tv movies! And I love it that so many of them make their way to DVD these days and show up at our local Blockbuster!

Last weekend hubby and I rented these two:

Warning, do not watch these movies if you don't want to BALL YOUR EYES OUT!!! These had me in a real state, box of tissues in hand! But who doesn't love a good sappy flick around the holidays to give ya a good ole cry and remind you to be human! Peace on earth and all that good mushy stuff! Anyway, they are both bad films, but I liked them and think they both have really good messages!
Pink Julep!
PS - I'm seeing NEW MOON tonight and I'm sooooo excited!!!

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  1. I’ve heard the song for the Christmas Shoes, but never seen the movie. I need to check that out. The song is enough to make me cry, I cannot imagine what the movie is like.

    I hope you love New Moon as much as I did. I’ve already seen it twice ;)

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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