Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pink Julep in the Shower: Product Review

I have been using Blonde Solid Shampoo from LUSH for about 2 weeks now. This is my first experience with using a solid shampoo and I wouldn't have picked it out on my own, but it was a free gift. Pink Julep LOVES free gifts with purchase!!! So I gave it a shot. I have to say, I don't mind the result... I feel like my hair does look shiny and light. However, I'm not a fan of this product and probably won't ever purchase it. It takes absolutely AGES to get the lather I need and even then, it still doesn't feel like I get enough bubbles. After I rinse it out, my hair feels a little dry and that scares me, but also, there's a strange feeling of having not washed my hair at all. Kind of like when you use those wipe-off cream facial cleansers... it just doesn't feel like it's doing it's primary job!
The scent of this product is nice and if you're a fan of solid shampoos, I'd say give it a whirl. But if you're like me and you enjoy sudsing it up in the tub, stick to the good ole liquid shampoo!
Pink Julep!


  1. I have used this product before and I would have to say the same things put me off...I like bubbles to know it is working and I felt my hair was dry and stringy afterward!

  2. I have never even heard of this...A little strange!

  3. I know not to try their shampoo now! Do you use their soaps? There's a lush in our Macy's here, and I had debated on trying the soaps.

  4. I have never tried a solid shampoo, but I don't think that I will after your review. I like to feel the shampoo in my hair and then feel it rinsing out! :)

  5. Never used it... but I need a new shampoo desperately!!! Any suggestions for color-treated hair?? xxxooo


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