Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Red Hot Holiday Lips!

About a week ago I went patrolling the local duty free shops for a holiday red lipstick and you can imagine my surprise when I found that my favorite duty free shop added Nars to their merchandise! Nars is one of my favorite brands and I've been deprived of it most of the time I've been living here! I decided to try Lizard Red and let me tell ya girls, it's love! This is a fabulous lip color! Get thee to a Sephora and try it on!!!

Pink Julep!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all things NAR'S!!!!

  2. Ohhh how fun!! Holiday red sounds so festive. Nice find!!

  3. I love a bold red lipstick! I pull mine out every once in a while during the winter, and sometimes for an evening out if I'm feeling fiery and saucy. :)

  4. yeah yeah! NARS is the best for me.


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