Sunday, January 24, 2010

Helping Pink Julep FACE the Day

A few years ago, when hubby and I were dating, he asked me where he could look for Christmas presents for me. Naturally, one the of the places I suggested was Sephora! At the time, I had never tried any Philosophy products other than Amazing Grace perfume, which I love! Hubby got me a gift box from Sephora and it had all kinds of goodies in it... my favorite being the Purity facial wash.

I love everything about this face wash. It doesn't break me out, it smells LOVELY! You only need to use a little to get a good lather so it lasts forever and gives you bang for your buck! Also, it's really light and great for sensitive skin like mine as far as I can tell.

And more recently, I decided to try the foaming version as well...

The foaming version works really well, though not as moisturizing as the creamy version in my opinion, so it's probably a better bet for those of you with oilier skin. I like to alternate them since I seem to have oily weeks and dry weeks.

I find that both of these cleansers work great with the Clairisonic Mia! They get a great lather with the brush or even with just your hands or a washcloth. Both are very reasonably priced and available in multiple sizes. Obviously as with any product, buying the largest size is most economical and it will last FOREVER!
Happy cleansing!
Pink Julep!


  1. I love Philosophy too. They are just plain great products.

  2. Thanks for the tips but I must admit - I've been washing my face with hand soap my entire life! ha! I once switched to a creamy EQUATE cleanser when my skin got dry - other than that, nothing!

    {Is that red-necked or WHAT?!}

    But I do always always always wash my face before bed. I can't stand the feeling of old makeup, especially mascara. YUCK!

  3. I love Philosophy products, as well! SO great! :)


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