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LA Food Experiences - Pink Julep Style

HAPPY NEW YEAR Bloggers!!! Just want to say that I have really enjoyed the last year with all you guys and hope to spend 2010 with y'all and many more new bloggy friends! Thanks for reading and I hope you'll stick around!

Back to my LA photos... while we were in LA we had some interesting food experiences. One of my favorites was Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles! We were driving around leisurely looking for a place to get a big ole breakfast when we happened on Roscoe's! I have always wanted to try chicken & waffles, so I took this as a sign from God and quickly pulled over!

This is a photo of my chicken & cheese omelet with fries. All the meals are named after people... I don't know who they are but it's interesting to think of who they might have been... Mine was Jeanne's Special.

Cute menu!

Mr. Julep went for the waffles and we shared. The waffles were sooooo good! Best I've ever had!

We also went to a restaurant I'd read about in several magazines called KOI. My main mission was to try Kobe beef or die. Unfortunately I didn't get many photos of this restaurant, but not only is it super hip and gorgeous, it's quite possibly the best food I've ever had and pretty reasonably priced. This is me at the table...

I had the cut spicy tuna roll to start and Mister had the salmon hand roll. They were so good! We both dined on the Kobe beef, but instead of the mushrooms and asparagus that it comes with, I opted for the mashed potatoes. The kobe beef is like heaven on your tongue! I highly recommend everyone try this before they die! Put it on your bucket list!!! Even if you don't like beef, you'll like this beef! We also had the Wild Horse Paslo Robles Merlot 2006 and it's a fantastic wine! We have been able to find this wine here on island from 2002 (can't tell the difference to be honest) which makes me soooo happy! For desert we had the Strawberries Napoleon which was a little taste of heaven!

The atmosphere at this restaurant is just so cool. Can't explain it, but it's gorgeous and everyone is gorgeous and they play great music!
This is Hubby and I in the lounge waiting for our table.

We loved KOI so much that the next day, when we were too tired and full for a big dinner after our horse ride to the top of the Hollywood sign, we decided to cancel our JAR reservations and just go back to KOI for sushi in the lounge and another bottle of that fabulous wine! I had 2 cut spicy tuna rolls (my absolute favorite!) and hubby had cut salmon skin roll, cucumber roll and a cut salmon roll. All were delicious and the lounge, with a fire place inside was just so cozy and fun! Also, this restaurant is praised for being feng shui perfect and I honestly think it did relax me... not being cheesy, just sayin...
A photo of the wine...

KOI is a must-do on your next trip to LA. Book your table early as it's always busy, but if you want to be spontaneous, the lounge is always available for walk-ins.
We also hit BOA Steakhouse. Bill Clinton is a fan, but Pink Julep is not so much... Hubby had the bone in filet mignon with the J-1 signature sauce and I chose the specialty, which is a 40 day aged NY Strip with an herbed butter rub. To be honest, I didn't think it was all that... The way they serve is that you order your meat and sides to share. The best thing about BOA was the bacon cheese mashed potatoes. I would certainly eat my body weight in this mash, it was soooo good! The most memorable part of eating there was seeing a bottle of wine for $6,500... seriously? You could feed an entire village of starving people in some countries for nearly 7 G's!!! For that price, that wine better be never-ending, walk on water and do circus tricks!!! Pink Julep is not judging, but will say... CRAZY!!!
As you know if you've been reading, on our first night we saw Lady Gaga and Semi Precious Weapons. It was amazing!!! I have nothing but PRAISE for the Nokia Theatre Live venue! It's brilliant! It's small enough, there are bars everywhere and for only $13, you can get a gigantic Cuervo Gold Margarita or a super huge beer!!! They have enough bars that we never waited more than 5 minutes for a drink. There are enough bathrooms that I never once waited to sit on the throne! Genius!!! We stood in the VIP pit which was brilliant!!! Everyone dressed up like GAGA. I personally only went crazy by wearing bright red glitter lipstick! Unfortunately, I didn't think they'd let you bring in cameras so I don't have pictures... I was wrong. Both acts were great and Gaga was everything I expected. She's hugely talented for such a tiny little gal! Bonus... Nicole Richie was standing right behind us for the concert... She is beautiful and super tiny!!! Seriously probably only about 5 feet tall and maybe 1 foot wide... so small, but gorgeous! I did have a bit of a stare at her... couldn't help it! She was with friends who seemed to enjoy themselves. She didn't come in till after Gaga started and it was dark and she stood in the back of the pit... pretty cool, huh? Other celeb sighting of note... we saw Christian Bale shopping at Century City with his family. He's HAWT!!! Very laid back and wears nice shoes.
The morning after Gaga, we needed hangover Breakfast, of course! Hubby dragged me to this place on Santa Monica which looks like a regular diner and I was delighted.
Boy was I surprised to find out Hugo's is a super California healthy spot! But I embraced it as a west coast experience! Hubby had the energy bowl, which was basically a mish mosh of granola. He loved it. I decided to try something new and had the Fat Mama (pictured below) which was whole grain pasta scrambled with eggs, parsley, organic cheeses and other herbs. To be honest, it was kinda gross. But it kept me going the whole day and was a new experience for sure! Pasta for breakfast? Who knew? We also both had organic coffees, hubby's regular and mine a cafe latte. Soooo good!!! And they offer you like 12 kinds of non-dairy milk along with the regular dairy varieties as well. Interesting place for sure.

Sorry so long, but I had loads to say! Next post... HOLLYWOOD!!!
Pink Julep!


  1. Sounds like a it would be hard to leave!

  2. You saw Lady Gaga and Nicole Richie was standing right behind you?!! Umm...that sounds amazing. I thought I had tix but the venue changed. I'm trying to get tickets now!!! So jealous, happy new year!


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