Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pink Julep in the Closet! New Year, New Tidy Closet!

I wish I'd had the forethought to take a "before picture" but you would've been so offended that it's probably good that I didn't.

The basic problem is that hubby and I have ONE and only one medium sized closet to share in our apartment. So every so often I am forced to purge and either donate clothes to charity, sell them or store them in under-the-bed boxes cause we have NO storage!

Yesterday I did a hefty make-over on my closet! Shoes were EVERYWHERE in the floor on top of each other... ugh! My clothes weren't in any order at all! My purses were piled in the floor! AWFUL!

But this is what it looks like now!

The major additions were the shoe shelves, which I put together myself (shew! hard labor!) and shelves on top of the hanging unit, but unfortunately I was so tired I forgot to take a photo of those and am honestly too lazy to do it now mid-post... trust me, they're good. :-)

Feeling much better starting off the new year with a clean closet and daydreaming of the day when I have a closet that's big enough to command my love and respect! Bwa ha ha!

Today I have to tackle my laundry mountain, hit the gym, and organize my accessories, products, make-up and terrifying bathroom, but I'm up to the challenge!!!

Pink Julep!


  1. Wow, wanna come do my closet and bathroom next? They're a complete mess.

    I've got all my laundry done... but now I have nowhere to put clean clothes!

    Yep, I'm a mess alright!

  2. I need a shoe organizer as well!

  3. Great closet re-do! I tackled mine earlier this year. It's always a challenge, but you feel 100% better after its done. I think mine could use a refresher's getting all funky!

  4. Great task to pick for the new year! Men never seem to understand the importance of a spacious closet :)

  5. My closet is tiny too. And while I can swing it being just me, once bf is here too I have no idea what we'll do! Stupid NY and needing 5+ huge winter coats!

  6. Hot damn, I wish my closet looked like that!

  7. there's just something about organizing in a new year...Ive been doing it myself...I have to tackle my guest room when I get back from Fl. blah! Your closet looks great!

  8. Good for you!!!! You're inspiring me to redo mine now...

    BTW how's L.A. Candy???

  9. I love organizing it's the BEST feeling!


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