Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pink Julep on the Go: Travelling Light Tips

It's that time of year again and we're all thinking of our next vacation! Some of us dreaming, others planning... Whether your plans include a February trip to the slopes, Easter at home with the family, Spring Break or the long overdue summer vacay to somewhere exotic, you're probably already starting to think about packing.

With the airlines constantly raising prices for checked baggage, you might even be considering the ever-so-risky carry-on baggage only option, which is great, except you can't take any of your daily beauty products unless they are less than 3 oz. and fit into that 1 quart required ziplock baggie. Well, Pink Julep is on the case and below are some recommendations to keep you beautiful when carry-on luggage is all you've got!

I am a huge fan of Kiels and they have many of their fabulous products available in convenient travel sizes. Featured below is their Ultra Facial Travel Kit. All of these products are 3 0z or less!
I am also a fan of Burt's Bees. The first time I used Burt's Bees, I purchased a travel kit much like the one below for a long weekend trip. The products are small but aside from shampoo and conditioner, they last forever! Also under 3 oz. each.

You may be completely married to your favorite moisturizers, but for a quick trip away, save yourself the hassle and invest in a solid moisturizer. The one below from Basin White is great and totally works, leaving your skin silky smooth and so soft!

Leave the shower gel at home! It only weighs you down when you're travelling. Instead, opt for a bar of soap! Eek, I know... we've all moved on, but honestly, I never travel with shower gel unless I bought it on the trip to bring home. It always ends up being spilled, especially when the TSA opens it to inspect and leaves the shower gel cap off and the ziplock bag it's in unzipped before shoving it into your suitcase right next to your satin shoes which are then ruined. Save yourself the trouble! I love many different soaps and highly recommend soaps from LUSH, Basin White or one of my favorites, the invigorating Mentha Body Exfoliating Soap by CO Bigelow, available at any Bath and Body Works or CO Bigelow location. This soap smells great and really wakes you up! And for only about $8, you won't feel bad leaving it behind when you head home!

For an easy carry-on friendly hair option, try solid shampoo. I've been using the ones from LUSH and even though I prefer liquid shampoo, solid is best for travel!

And if you don't really need a lather, just touch up oily roots with dry shampoo powder. As you know, I'm a huge fan of Frederick Fekkai Au Naturel.

LUSH also offers a variety of solid conditioners. I have never used one before, but I will try one soon and report back. Friends of mine swear by this! You can have it cut to the size you need so you aren't required to buy more than you need for your trip and can make room for souivineers on your way home!

You don't need to risk a shattered botttle of Chanel No. 5 just to go away for a few days. Try a solid perfume option. Solid perfumes are probably required to go into your 1 quart ziplock bag, but they are usually quite small, so there's no problem fitting them in! Below is an option from L'Occitane.

LUSH also offers a variety of solid perfumes.

So basically, anything that isn't a gel or liquid can go into your carry-on and isn't limited by size. Whether you only take a carry-on bag or you just want a beauty arsenal at hand on the plane in case of delays or layovers, the above options are great alternatives to your old faithfuls!
Happy Travels!!!
Pink Julep!



  1. Kiehl's and Burts Bees are staples of mine!!
    The Pomegranate lip balm of Burts Bees is awesome ~~

    xoxo Laura

  2. I am addicted to Burts Bees lip balm...pomegranate. The solid perfume sounds interesting!

  3. I already use a solid perfume when traveling, but I've never seen a moisturizing bar. I'll have to look for that now. Thanks for the tips.


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