Friday, January 1, 2010

Santa Monica - The Final California Post

We spent Christmas Day in Santa Monica near the beach. It was brilliant!!! Here are a few snapshots of our Christmas Day celebrations... slightly unorthodox as far as Christmas goes, but it worked for us!

The Santa Monica Pier (was open on Christmas Day)

The Beach - look at those gorgeous mountains! One of the most gorgeous places I've ever seen!

A small view of the Pacific Coast Highway

We also went ice skating at Ice at Santa Monica! This was fabulous! $10 per person gets you your skates for as long as you like! Cheap compared to NYC prices!!! And they have a small airstream looking trailor selling Starbucks coffee and snacks! Fab!!!

We had such a HAPPY Christmas!!!

Look out Kristi Yamaguchi!!! The GOLD WILL BE MINE! Check out that form! hahaha

Well folks, that's the last of the LA photos! I can't say enough how much we enjoyed that gorgeous city!!! I highly recommend it, especially for my fellow shopaholics! It's definitely my favorite city in America if not in the world from what I've seen so far!
Happy New Year!
Pink Julep!



  1. Happy New Year girl! Thanks so much for posting the photos. This Cali girl (who hasn't been home for over a year now) enjoyed going home through your pics.
    Glad you had a great trip.
    xo Cas

  2. That looks goreous!!! I love that you went ice-skating, hope youre having so much fun, xxxoo

  3. Love the pictures...cant wait to see LA myself one day! Happy New Year!

  4. So glad you had so much fun!! xoxo

  5. The pic of you & M may be my most FAVE pic of you 2 of all time!
    Absolutely GORGEOUS! It looks like you guys had a very happy Christmas!

  6. I LOVE LA...when we lived in Palm Springs, I drove over all the time. Just love it!

  7. So glad you had a great visit!


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