Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pink Julep's Bitchin Blowout!

Please excuse me while I brag, but today I performed the most successful blowout on myself ever and it actually lasted in it's straight, silky glory for the whole day (until I got rained on) without the help of my Chi flat iron!!! I have wavy/slightly curly course blonde hair (sure some of you can relate) that's dry from the heat here so you can imagine, I'm pretty excited! I thought I'd share the magic straightening cocktail with my loyal readers!

After showering, I applied a generous amount of Bumble & Bumble Tonic and combed through with a detangling comb. This stuff is magic!

I then allowed my hair to air dry for about 15 minutes and applied KIEHL'S Stylist Series Heat Protective Silk Straightening Cream. I believe this to be the great new find since today was the first time I've ever used it! Hubby put this in my stocking... I had previously never heard of it! It's fabulous! A pea-sized amount is just perfect!

I am a fan of the Tourmaline Ionic hair dryers. Mine below is by Revlon. I'm sure there are much better out there for a price, but this one seems to do the trick just fine, though a newer better model is definitely on my shopping list for the future. However, I think this one set me back only about $30 or so, so you definitely don't have to throw down $200 for a decent hairdryer... just sayin... and this model is pretty lightweight as far as hairdryers go.

Another magic ingredient is the Olivia Garden Ionic Ceramic Round brush... I have this brush in two different sizes. They aren't particularly cheap, but ladies, it's totally worth it! These brushes are the buisness!!! This particular brush is also very lightweight, meaning my arm doesn't feel like falling off after a blowout, which is super important!

I finished by smoothing any little flyaways with a super small dollop of Biosilk Silk Therapy oil. I like to rub this in my hands to get it nice and warm and just lightly comb through my hair with my fingers... this product is great for a variety of things and I've been using it religiously since high school!

If anyone has any product recommendations that you love for blowouts, I'm all ears, so leave me a comment! Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!!!
Pink Julep!


  1. You did a fabulous job! It looks like a professional did it! Way to go! xoxo

  2. Ashley!
    Enjoyed reading this & your hair looks fab!
    You know we have the same hair, so I should def try these too!

  3. I LOVE Biosilk! And brag away...that IS a bitchin blowout! Nicely done my friend!

  4. It sounds like we have the same type of hair and I can totally relate. Most days I just twist it up with hair clips and try to do it either straight or curly on the weekends.

    Thank you for sharing your tricks of the trade. I’m going to add a few of these to my beauty product must-have list.

  5. I swear by Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny relaxing balm and serum to get my hair straight, and Phyto 7 for just enough moisture to combat frizzies without weighing my hair down. I've heard good things about the Kiehl's so maybe I'll try that next!

  6. Your hair looks great! I, too, am loyal fan of Biosilk!!

  7. I also have naturally wavy/frizzy hair and love a good blow out! I'm a fan of either the B&B Tonic or Prep to get out the tangles. Then I wrap my hair in a special super absorbant towel to help with the drying process while I'm putting my makeup on. Next I either use 1) Kheils or 2) B&B Straightening Gel with a small amount of B&B Grooming Creme. I also use the Olivia Garden round brush - love it! My favorite hairdryer ever is my blue Chi Nano - for me, it was definitely worth the investment since it saves on the drying time (I have really fine hair but a lot of it) and the incredible heat combined with the Olivia Garden brush makes my blowout last longer.

  8. I love that Bio Silk stuff too! I use it EVERY DAY! I have the silk formula that you have pictured and also a spray mist formula to tame flyaways, etc. It is a miracle product for sure :)

  9. What a great post! I am loving your hair - it really looks amazing!! I might have to go pick up the B&B and Keihls - sometimes we all need new products! ;)

  10. Great job! I have that same hairdryer and love it! I just got it after having my last one for who knows how long. I too did see the need to spend $200 on a hairdryer. I'll have to keep that Kheil's in mind. I use something from Aveda that seems like it might be similar.

  11. Love the hair, sounds like our hair has a lot in common. I've been wondering about the B&B Tonic, I like the shampoo. Maybe I'll give it a try, thanks!

  12. Looks great!

    I got very frustrated with my hair while visiting GCM, I finally resorted to "beach hair"!


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