Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Valentine's Day Horse Ride on Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

On Valentine's Day, Mr. Julep surprised me with a horse ride on the beach, something I have been wanting to do for a while. We love to ride horses in the new places we visit. The first trip we took together was to Woodstock, NY for a weekend when we were dating because I wanted to get out of the city and ride horses... so it all started there nearly 4 years ago. At Christmas we rode horses to the top of the Hollywood sign in LA and now we've ridden on the beach. I hope it's a tradition we continue because it's so relaxing and really proves to be a good workout for the ole thighs!

Here are the photos:

Pink Julep!


  1. I'm jealous! We had horses growing up and I really miss riding, but my husband hates it, so we never go. I love your little pink purse in the last pic.

  2. omg these are amazing! what a sweet idea to go horseback riding for vday, I love it!! thanks for sharing, xxooo

  3. Oh HOW FUN! You look so cute on your horse! Loving that little pink purse too :) XOXO


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