Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pink Julep at the Movies: Precious

We rented Precious over the weekend and I was so excited to see it, but I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed. It is a touching story and extremely disturbing, however I felt like this film would NEVER end! It dragged on and on and on! It was one horrible thing happening to Precious after another!

One thing that did stick out in the film though is Mo'Nique's performance! She was brilliant and her Oscar is well-deserved!
The performances really do make this film worth watching! Mariah Carey is so refreshingly surprising, really bringing in a powerhouse performance! And I look forward to seeing Gabourey Sidibe in future films. She definitely has talent!
My recommendation for this film is this: If you're a real film buff and interested in seeing great performances, then you can't miss this film! It's for you! If you're looking for something entertaining to rent on a Friday night, then pass this one by cause it's not a fun movie by any means. It's absolutely nothing short of depressing and disturbing to say the very least.
Happy Movie Watching!
Pink Julep!


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  1. I wanted to see this movie ever since it was the whole cast was on Oprah. I also heard Mariah Carey really stepped up to the plate to! But, then some of my girlfriends saw it, they loved it, but they said it was just so sad. Of course I knew that a movie about incest would be sad, but they said I was hoping for a feel good movie. You know, a sad movie that still leaves you feeling inspired and good? Glad to hear Monique was good in it.. She annoys me. A lot.


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