Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Animal Friendly Times and an OOTD

We met this little guy today while outside at lunch... he was all alone, lost and abandoned! We decided to name him Gismo!
Usually there are birds and chickens all over the place with their chicks, but this one was all alone! And he was crying! It was gut-wrenching to see! Every time someone would walk by, he'd run up to them and then upon seeing that it wasn't his mommy, he'd come back and start crying again. At one point, he ran so fast he lost his footing and nose dived flat on his face with his little wings spread out! Haha! So I gave him some crumbs from my Lean Cuisine Pizza while hubby went off in search of the chicken family that left this little guy behind... but he only came back with a box. He loaded baby Gismo into the box and walked all over town until he found a chicken family. He unloaded baby Gismo and he seemed to fit in with the others, so we rested assured that the family was reunited and our little friend would be safe! The only other option would be to sit him outside my office and then try to take him to Animal Rescue after work, but I think reuniting him with his family was better!
And at 5:30, when we drove by the bank, Gismo was still there with all the other chickens, having a great time! Kind of exciting!
Here's my outfit from today:
Flowered Ruffle Top - Express
Shawl Cardi - Express
Light Grey Slacks - Ann Taylor Loft
Nude Platform Pumps - Banana Republic
Brown Hobo - Payless
Bangles - Target
Silver Hoop Earrings - Claire's
Pink Julep!



  1. Aww he is so adorable! I think it's so cool that ya'll have chickens around town!

  2. Great outfit and touching story. :-)

  3. That is the cutest story. I have a momma duck nesting in the planter in the front of my house. She is so cute and I'm so protective of her. I actually talk to her (weird, I know), and she isn't scared of me, or my voice at all.

    My family named her "Lucky duck." I posted a picture of her in my planter a while back. So cute!

    Thanks for helping the chick out! That warms my heart.

  4. What a cute little story!
    How sweet!

  5. Good job! My sister would be proud of how you handled that. And I love your hair, looks fab!


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