Sunday, May 2, 2010

Derby Day Recap

Hubby and I suited up in our casual Saturday gear yesterday to go out, enjoy the day and find somewhere to watch the Derby and get a Mint Julep!!! (to see the rest of my outfit, click here.)

We ended up at our favorite sports bar/casual restaurant on the island, Legends where hubs had a Shrimp/Chicken/Steak Stirfry and I had the Terryaki Chicken Hibachi for lunch! My colleague's boyfriend is the manager there, so she joined us as well for some Derby action!

And of course, we tried the Mint Juleps! It was good, but it wasn't properly made. They used Jim Beam, watered it down, and it wasn't Spearmint... No Woodford Reserve available on the island! Bummer! But at least I marked the occasion with the appropriate beverage!
We also bet on the horses. We had to pick two horses and the person who picked the two highest horses was the winner. I did a good job on picking Ice Box, but my other horse was Backtalk so we lost... I just liked the sound of Backtalk! Great name!!! Anyway, congratulations to Super Saver and Calvin Borel!!! Amazing race yesterday... "the most exciting 2 minutes in sports!"
After the Derby action was over, we spontaneously went with friends to a new Mexican restaurant on the island called Carlos and Martin's to watch the fight. Though I was the designated driver, I did have a wee sip of someone's Chambord Swirled Margarita and it was delicious! We also snacked on Steak Quesadillas and they were really good! Yum!!!
How was your Derby Day?
Pink Julep!



  1. I adore Calvin Borel, don't you? He is just the sweetest man on the face of the earth! xoxo

  2. Juleps with Jim Beam -- mon dieu! ;) Sounds like you had a Derby blast!


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