Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Glam to be Green!

What's more glamorous than saving the planet? Not much that I can think of! And though I'm not crazy enough to think that everyone everywhere can go totally green, I will say that every little bit helps! I found this website called Econscious Market that sells green products including clothes, shoes, accessories, hair/skin products, make-up, jewelry, home goods and much more! And though some of it isn't exactly my style, much of it is very Eco Chic! Also, Econscious Market will donate up to 10% of each purchase to charity! Here are some cute things I found on the site:

Doie Designs Montecito Rouchesd Dress - $176

Spun Ruffle V-Neck - $50

Dragon 88 Hollywood Deco Grab It All Recycling Bag - $28

Hemptress Mercedes Satchel - $198
Hemptress Mona Satchel - $175
FUZ Corky Girl Bulletin - $29

O'BON Bird Notebook - $3.99

Pink Julep!


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  1. It's great that they are making these things and donating, I just love that Mona bag and what a cool notebook!
    xoxo DJ


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