Friday, May 21, 2010

A Mist in the Air

Air fresheners are handy to have in the house and not just for the bathroom. Impromptu knock on the door and no candles lit? 2 quick sprays of the air fresheners from Bath & Body Works and the entire room can smell like a fragrant garden! These last FOREVER too! I bought some before we moved here in 2 different flavors and I still have both bottles! Since only 2 squirts will freshen an entire room for hours, there's no need to spray all the time!

My favorite is Sweet Pea!
But I also love Coconut Lime Verbena, especially here in the Caribbean!
I love a fragrant house and I often burn candles, however these are my favorite quick fix. How do you keep your home fresh and aromatic?
Pink Julep!


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  1. Love the coconut lime verbena! My fiance whenever I wear it says it reminds him of the beach! :)
    I'm a new follower- but just wanted to say I love the Caymans! My aunt and uncle lived there a few years and we got to visit- would love to return one day!


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