Friday, May 7, 2010

My First Lilly Pulitzer Buy and The Back-up Plan

Hubby and I had a browse around the shops of Caymana Bay while we were waiting for our movie to start and I got my very first Lilly Pulitzer item from the new via shop, The Cabana. I have always been honest about the fact that I'm not a huge Lilly fan. I respect Lilly Pulitzer for starting a business, walking barefoot around Palm Beach and being a fashion innovator, but crabs on pants just aren't really my style. However, some things are adorable and I got a cute little nothing that I actually needed!
This adorable coffee tumbler! I've been looking for a travel coffee mug!

The movie we saw was The Back-Up Plan. I was skeptical going in, but to be honest, I LOVED IT! It was soooo funny and I actually shed a wee tear as well! This is a great chick-flick and hubby didn't mind it since it was so funny! If you haven't seen this one yet, definitely go see it or at least put it in your Netflix queue! And as a bonus, J-Lo's outfits are great in this film!!!
Pink Julep!



  1. Yaya! I absolutely LOVE the thermal muggg!!! Coffee just tastes better in it, doesn't it!??? You are on your way to being a LILLY LOVER!!! Hehe. Woohoooooo. Xoxo-BLC

  2. I discovered your blog via Pipm (Pretty in Pink Megan) and must say it is adorable.

    As I look out my window at another rainy, cold day, I'd love to be where you are right now. Cayman it!

    I agree about Lilly clothes. There are a lot of things I would never wear, crabs on pants for one, but I must say I LOVE a lot of the dresses-especially strapless. Many of the shorts this year are adorable, too (I just bought a pair of the Walsh "shorty shorts" and some of the Callahans.). Like a friend once said to me, "They're summer in fabric."

    Anyway, I can't wait to read more of what you have to say. My name is "Cool Gal" and I am a new follower (I'm also relatively new to blogging!) :)


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