Thursday, May 20, 2010

OOTD and Opinions

I experimented with my outfit this morning and I was pretty proud of my accomplishment! I mean, I know that these high wasted pants with wedges and a short cardi make my legs look freakishly long and this ensemble doesn't particularly flatter my figure, however I thought the combo was cute and I felt fairly cute today. I took one very long pearl necklace from one store and a medium long necklace from another and tried to cheaply recreate that Chanel look of lots of pearls dangling and I thought it was good... that is until a colleague walked by and asked me how many necklaces I actually had on and then suggested that I wear one or the other, but she didn't think they looked good together. Bummer... I still think it worked fine. Both necklaces were the same color, though slightly different sizes, but whatevs... this isn't Cannes, it's Cayman and not exactly a fashionable island in my opinion! It would never occur to me to venture over to someone else's cubicle and comment on their clothing... if it did, I'd have been fired from nearly every job I've ever had...

Yellow Shawl Collar Cardi - Merona from Target
White V-Neck Sleeveless Tee - Express
Black Print Pants - Style & Co. from Macy's
Gladiator Wedges - Jessica Simpson
Pearl Necklaces - Top Shop and H&M
Pearl Earrings - Gift
Black Plastic Ring - H&M
Black Nylon Rouched Tote - Payless
Pink Julep!


  1. I love your outfit and think the necklace look great. I'm also thinking that your bed comforter is the same as one in our guest room:)

  2. I think the two necklaces look cute together. Clearly she has issues if she's commenting on that anyway!

  3. I love the look with both necklaces! I say you should still wear them together. :o) Super cute yellow cardigan!

  4. How Rude!! Ignore her comments. You look great.

  5. You look fabulous! I think colleague is 1. rude as heck, 2. green with envy, and 3. out of line. Just tell her that your "A" list friends said you look fabulous. I think just to show her, you should wear 3 necklaces tomorrow. haha
    Also, Jenna - of J. Crew fame - seems to think the more accessories the better ;-) xoxo

  6. I love your outfit! I love the necklaces with it. I actually just purchased a long, multi-strand, costume pearl necklace from market and can't wait to wear it! I think the outfit is springy and cute!!

  7. Your colleague is impolite. I have never criticized another colleague's outfit, I only say nice things - or nothing at all !
    Btw, I love your outfit today. The black trousers and the bright yellow cardi - very stylish.

  8. I think the pearls look lovely! It is very rude of her to make that comment. Does your co-worker have a sense of style--since she obviously doesn't have a sense of decorum!


  9. I have been following your blog for some time now but never commented...I just HAD to say though, that I LOVE your necklaces together!! They look fantastic! Don't listen to that coworker!

  10. I'm surprised at your ballsy coworker who told you to take a necklace off! I think the outfit is adorable!


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