Sunday, May 2, 2010

OPI Nail Envy

My manicurist suggested at a recent appointment that I start using Nail Envy to strengthen my nails. They are weak from years of biting and from recently having acryllics removed. When I get a mani, she uses Nail Envy as the base coat. Then I apply it every 2 or 3 days over my nail polish. If it starts to chip before my next nail appointment, I repeat the same process myself. I have to say, it's working! When I first got the acryllics removed, my nails were peeling and breaking off. 3 weeks later, they're feeling much stronger and I've really only applied it maybe once every 4 days because I'm forgetful about these things.

If you have wimpy nails, I highly suggest trying this product! And if you're heading to the salon to buy it, see if they're selling it with a free hand cream promotion... I got a free one with mine when I bought it 3 weeks ago and now I'm in love with the OPI Avoplex hand cream too!

Pink Julep!

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  1. I can also warmly recommend "Herôme" if you have that nailpolish brand in your area, it works perfect for me! ;0)


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