Monday, June 28, 2010

Anniversary Dinner

Our Anniversary celebrations were pretty low-key, partially because of the monsoon-type weather we've been having. But also because there's a lot going on and we've vowed to properly celebrate our 1st year together in style at a later time and give the occasion the attention it deserves!

We did however go out for a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant on the island, Abacus in Camana Bay. It wasn't too crowded due to the weather so it was great. We sat outside and enjoyed a long relaxed dinner.

My crazy husband decided to have FROG LEGS for a starter... I nearly died! But he said they were great and he can't wait to eat them again! I chose the asian style skewers for my starter and we kicked off with a celebratory glass of Veuve Cliquot, my favorite!
We then ordered a lovely Syrah and we both had the Filet, which is just delicious every time we go there!

I was way too full for desert so I settled for the Abacus Coffee (pictured below) and it was fabulously laced with lots of yummy liquers, but hubby got the Cafe Cubano Creme Brulee and a cappacino which were also amazing!

It was an amazing dinner full of reminscing over the past year's events, but just at the end of the night, I received a text message from my sister saying my dear uncle had lost his battle with cancer and died. Obviously that put a bit of a damper on the evening, but my husband was so sweet and understanding! I am such a lucky girl. I decided after I got myself together that I should not let it completely spoil the evening, since it was my husband's special day as well. So we headed to the Irish pubon the island, Fidel Murphy's and we toasted to my Uncle Johnny, a father, a Vietnam War veteran, former Kentucky State Policeman and just an all around great guy! All that celebrating clearly went to my head because I also got up and sang my rendition of Poker Face by Lady Gaga at karaoke, which my husband adored... or at least he pretended to.
All in all, under the circumstances, it was a good night considering.
Pink Julep!


  1. Congrats on your anniversary!

  2. congratulations! I would have to draw the line at frog legs. No amphibians for dinner for me!!

  3. First... happy anniversary!!! Second.. i have been dying to try frog legs.... hope youre having a great time!!! xxoxoo

  4. So sorry about your uncle, but great to hear you had a fun anniversary!

  5. Happy first anniversary...time flies! I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

  6. First... happy anniversary!!! Second.. i have been dying to try frog legs.... hope youre having a great time
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  7. So sweet and the dinner looks yummy!

  8. Has it been a year already?! Congrats!!! Now, there's no way I'm eating frog legs:)

  9. Happy "belated" Anniversary. It sounds like you had a great evening. Love the Lady Gaga part. That is awesome!

    So sorry about your uncle. Losing a loved one is so difficult. Thinking of you today.


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