Friday, June 11, 2010

Crazy Trends I'd Like to See Go Mainstream!

There are several trends I've spotted recently that are just so fabulously whack-a-doodle that I'd like to see them more often! How amused would we all be if our friends dressed like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga! I'm hoping against hope that some of these will go mainstream just to keep me laughing! I'd even consider sporting one or two of these trends just for fun!

I love that Taylor Momsen gives an F-U to wearing pants or even taking time to get dressed at all... she just threw on her dad's shirt over yesterdays stockings and why bother brushing her hair? She's in a rock band so the more strung out she looks, the better, right? Love it! Rock on Little J! Maybe your band will make some money and you'll be able to buy a skirt, but until then, I'm giving up pants to be just like you... not.

Gwen Stefani was featured in InStyle wearing this lace concoction of her own creation for L.A.M.B. She looks like a wedding cake! Or like she's trying to reinvent herself by wearing her great great grandmothers unders! It makes me want to make my own lace catsuit because well... um... do I need a reason?

Ah, and here we have Christina Aguilera in the face mask, seen several times lately by other stars including Lady Gaga. It's very Phantom of the Opera! Love the drama of it all! Sing to me my Angel of Music, SING!

There's something about this turban that reminds me of my great auntie... probably because she used to wear these in the 80's... and looks like Carrie is bringing them back around the mountain... would you wear a turban? I totally would! I mean, I wear one when I get out of the shower every morning... perhaps the perfectly situated stylish turban could just illiminate that lengthy blow-dry situation every morning! SCORE!!!

Yellow Hair! AWESOME! I think everyone should run out right now and get Rainbow Bright Yellow Hair!!! No, seriously... go! bwa ha ha And though I couldn't find a photo, one of those Olsen twins was spotted today with yellow hair and the other with pink... I think this is the way forward to be honest, and you'd never get hit by a car at night cause it would glow in the dark! Fashion meets practical = every gal's dream!

And when you get tired of yellow, you can go blue! Or will that make it turn green? Either way, you'd be on trend and who's going to argue with a blue or green haired gal? They'd probably think you're a whack job and steer clear! BONUS!

These armadillo shoes have been around a little while, but since the death of their creator, Alexander McQueen there are knock-offs starting to hit the market. I gotta say, these are the most uncomfortable-looking, unpractical shoes I think I've ever seen! However, I totally want some... These are awesome! And they look like they could potentially have room in them for a compartment to hide your snacks! And how tall would I be in these? AH - MAZING!!!

Okay, so I kind of don't get these platform shoes with no heels... If any of you understand the physics behind these, please comment and enlighten me cause I for the life of me can't figure out how in God's good name you're supposed to stand in these things! Still want a pair though! They're like stripper stilts! If nothing else, these would be awesome for Halloween... or days at work when you need that extra little intimidation factor!
What funky trends are you diggin? Any of you out there getting blue or yellow hair, wearing a face mask or sporting your grandma's turban? If you're wearing the face mask, are you currently singing Music of the Night cause that would be totally appropriate if you were! If you have, are or did, send a pic to and I'll totally post it in tribute and dedication to your fashion risk-taking amazingness!!!
Pink Julep!


  1. These seem a bit too crazy for me. But I love the flair of it all :) xxxoo

  2. Haha!! "Fabulously whack-a-doodle" must be used in my vocabulary this weekend.

  3. Great post! These really are some crazy styles. I love that picture of Christina.

    Love this blog. So glad I found it.



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