Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Weekend Wrap-up

We have had a fantastic weekend! And it all started on Friday... because of all the excitement, I haven't posted any photos yet, so I'll start with Friday's casual outfit experiment. Occasionally, I like to go for an edgier look, but I'm not fooled into thinking I can actually pull it off... I just like to have fun with my clothes and take chances! So don't judge... I realize that when I put on skinny jeans in a funny wash with booties that it's probably a good look for someone... maybe not me though. But it was fun to pretend on one very boring casual island friday.

Silver Ruffle Tank - Express
Blue Shawl Cardi - Express
Skinny Jeans - Armani Exchange
Grey Booties - Banana Republic
Turquoise Bag - Aldo
Diamond Star Necklace - Gift
Diamond Studs - Gift
Black Plastic Ring - H&M
I was feeling pretty good after work on Friday, but exhausted so we decided to stay in and make a night of it at home! We rented scary movies (one of my favorite things to do!), bought sodas and candy and popped popcorn! We had Lemon Pepper Sole and Garlic Butter Potatoes for dinner! It was a fun and relaxing night!
We only watched Whiteout and Thaw. Both were pretty good. Whiteout was my favorite and I thought it would be awful, but it was interesting! Thaw was disgusting but totally scary! It's about a parasite that killed off the Wooly Mammoth and then returns when global warming causes the ground where the mammoth was buried to thaw. The parasites breed in flesh and hatch eggs so all these bugs come out and eat people from the inside out! Totally disgusting, but interesting concept! I felt itchy and creepy crawly for an hour afterwards and then dreamed about bugs! GROSS! Not for the squeemish at all!
We got up early for breakfast and the 12:30 showing of SATC2 on Saturday. A bit of a date! It was great fun! We started with breakfast at Treats, which I'd heard was amazing. It cost over $30 Cayman Dollars (nearly US $40) for two of us to have breakfast and mine was disgustingly greasy and the potatoes were especially icky. I wouldn't go back. It was so expensive for glorified diner food and the coffee was also gross. In fairness, if the coffee sucks, it's game over for me... But we didn't let it ruin the day. It was a casual Saturday outting so I dressed super comfy and cool for the hot weather. Excuse my no make-up and hair... this was my only chance for a photo.

Olive Ruffle Tank - Primark
Black Ruffle Skirt - Express
Black Flip Flops (not pictured) - Walmart
Black Rouched Tote - Payless
Black Plastic Ring - H&M
Diamond Star Necklace - Gift
Diamond Studs - Gift
We then hit the sale at Body Works. They have a sale every year and it's 20% to 50% off everything in the store. It's the store attached to a spa and yoga center, so they have some amazing products, workout gear and homeopathic remedies. I primarily go there for Burt's Bees products, which I love, but they had loads of great stuff. However, I generally find everything else to be way overpriced! With 20% off the entire Burt's Bees stock, I cleaned up!

I've never used the Pomegranite and Soy Shampoo and Conditioner before and I normally don't like volumizing, but I love the grapefruit shampoo and conditioner and well, I couldn't resist the scent of these! Pomegranite smells amazing!!!

I need another bodywash like I need a hole in the head. I buy so much that I never ever ever run out, but this minty rosemary version smells too good to pass up! And it came with a free lip balm. Game over!

I've used this Shea & Grapefruit Deep Conditioner before and I love it! It leaves my hair really soft and silky.

I've been thinking about how I should have hand sanitizer at my desk for ages, but never remember to bring one in. I scored this one which has witchhazel in it. I love witchhazel!!! And I love a spray sanitizer cause the gel ones can be kind of gross and sticky sometimes.

The free lip balm I got didn't excite me too much. I had loads of these everywhere. A few on my desk at work, a few in my purse, and several strewn across my house. But I tried this a few minutes ago and noticed something different. It's a cooling version and now I'm a convert! I love a minty lip balm more than anything! This is my new favorite product!!!

And finally, SATC2...

I loved it, but it definitely felt like THE END. It wasn't amazing by any stretch. It was only okay, but really fun to be with the girls again. I didn't feel like they needed the Abu Dhabi bit... it was a little far fetched to be honest, but it was great fun. The fashion wasn't as great as I expected, but one refreshing surprise was that Miranda didn't look ugly the whole time like she normally does!!! YAY!!! Also, I laughed so hard I cried at Stanford's wedding! Amazing! Liza was brilliant and I got a little homesick for New York... but all in all, it was an enjoyable way to pass a few hours... and I'll most certainly be buying it on DVD. Not a question.
Saturday afternoon we bought a mini-grill so we can BBQ in our backyard!!! We had steaks and potatoes, a couple of bottles of wine and played board games all night. We bought Taboo, Cranium Pop 5 and Clue. We stayed up till 3am playing board games outside with a citronella candle, wine o' plenty and some bug spray! It was great fun!
But alas, we did our chores today with little headaches and have been otherwise lazy and watching movies all day. It has been a wonderful weekend! I hope you've all had a great weekend too!
Pink Julep!


  1. I use the pomegranate shampoo and I love it! And makes your bathroom smell great afterwards!!! Score!

  2. I like reading about your life. You do things that I like to do.

  3. You look cute, you can pull off the look. You just aren't used to seeing yourself in it :)
    LOVE Burt's Bees!!!

  4. I also like sometimes to wear a edgier look - and I am not sure if I look believable. But hey, you look cute, don't worry. And I love board games, too. Our favorite right now is Quirkle.
    However, I definitely do not like scary movies. They are not entertaining and I do not feel better afterwards. I mean you only have to read the news and be scared (oil spill anyone? Global warming? Job situation?) But of course, this is your taste, your life, and and your blog, so please keep writing. Christina


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