Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Recap: Summer Solstice Event at The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

On Friday night my husband and I attended the Summer Solstice Event at The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. The event included drink specials at the bar, a fabulous DJ and a fashion show of summer beach fashions from Wave, the very fashionable boutique inside The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman.

After work, I napped to be sure I was in good form for the event. I woke up fresh and prepared for my new getting ready regime! I lit the candles, turned on the playlist and got started with the preparations.

I don't know why this photo turned out so grainy... but here's the finished product, what you can see of it anyway. I'm not totally in love with this dress, especially for this event, but I just don't have that many dresses because I never get the opportunity to wear them here. This dress was purchased in 2008 for a gala that my husband was invited to and has only been worn a few times. It makes me feel like a stuffed sausage (and I now fully comprehend my need to splurge on a large quantity of spanx and scary sucking in granny Bridget Jones panties), but it was better than the alternatives in my closet, so what could I do? Also, the more I wear it, the less hubby complains about the price tag and the more likely he'll be to buy me more expensive dresses in the future rather than saying "I bought you that Hugo Boss dress and you never wear it bla bla bla." So it seemed like a win win situation... until I started feeling all bloated from the dreadful heat we're having here lately... oh well, it's not the worst I've ever looked!

Special occasions call for special shoes! I love these shoes so much, but due to the casual nature of island life, I hardly ever get to wear them. I just love the simple satin peeptoe sillouhette with that crazy rosette on the side! Love! And they're comfy!
I also got a rare opportunity to wear some bling! I love jewelry for any occasion, but some bling is just too dressy for normal every day island life. Pictured below (against the fabric of my clutch) are a pink topaz ring I got for a gift and a purple stone cocktail ring from Primark that I bought for 2 Euros in Ireland and I love it!
Here is a close-up of my earrings and necklace, both by Sorrelli. I love this set that my husband gave me for Christmas a few years back and I look forward to the day when i can wear it more often. This jewelry is so much prettier in person than in photos and I should buy opera tickets just so I can take this jewelry on a date somewhere fabulous where it could be truly appreciated!
Black Satin Cocktail Dress - Hugo Boss (2008)
Satin Peeptoe Rose Pumps - White House Black Market (2008)
Fuschia Bow Clutch - Aldo
Earrings & Necklace - Sorrelli
Cocktail Ring - Primark
Pink Topaz Ring - Gift

When we arrived at the event, I was very impressed by the set-up. The blue lighting created such a fabulous and chill ambience! You can see my husband sitting on the right in the white shirt. We had the most perfect seats, right next to the runway.

And in the DJ room the lighting was red. It gave a fire and ice illusion to the event. The DJ was fantastic, playing a fabulous mix of music. And the best thing about him was that he not only played great music, but it wasn't too loud! So many Cayman clubs, bars and events have music that is deafening and keeps you from being able to talk to your friends. This guy had the perfect volume worked out... loud enough to get me excited, but not so loud that my husband couldn't hear me if I talked loud! Perfect!

We had the perfect view of the stage.

And the lighting on the ceiling above our table made it feel like we were having cocktails under the sea. Very sexy lighting!

Hubby played designated driver so I could indulge in a few glasses of Veuve Cliquot, my favorite! I always have a glass of champagne when I go to The Ritz! They keep it chilled to perfection, which is not something I can say about every restaurant. When I'm having a bad day, celebrating something or just need a little pick-me-up, my husband takes me to The Ritz for a bubbly luxurious treat! It's totally worth every penny! Two glasses later, I was nice and giggly! And no headache the next morning! SCORE!

The fashion show for Wave was great fun! The fashions were great and are all available at Wave, located inside The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman on the beach side near 7 Prime Cuts and Sunsets (one of my favorite restaurants on island). Labels sold there include Trina Turk, Diane von Furstenburg and many more. Here are some shots from the fashion show:

There was also a raffle for 5 prizes donated by various businesses on the island. We bought three tickets, but sadly didn't win anything! ho hum The raffle benefitted some swimmers on the island. I was hoping to win the La Prarie Spa package. But all the ladies turned out to be winners when a special surprise was presented after the drawing. Some of the swimmer hotties came to the stage and said thank you to all the raffle participants by taking off their shirts and showing us their ripped washboard abs! Hawt!

All the ladies swooned, including Pink Julep! (drool)

All in all it was a fun night at The Ritz! We saw a few friends there and enjoyed the champagne, music and fashion show! I look forward to the next event!
On Saturday, I recouperated by attempting to go to the beach. We lasted about 5 minutes in the heat and headed back home. It's entirely too hot to go out right now... guess I'll have to buy some self tanner instead. boo hiss!
Skull Tank - Hot Topic (purchased for Pirate Week, but now I love it)
Pink Ruffle Skirt - Express
Bikini (underneath) - Target
Grey Flipflops - Old Navy
Monogrammed Tote Bag - Ordered from a Wedding Favor Store
Sunnies - Dolce & Gabana
Catching up on laundry, reading and finishing Six Feet Under Season 5 on DVD today. It's been a fabulous weekend and I hope yours has too!
Pink Julep!


  1. Wow that sounds like such a fun event. I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourselves. And you looked beautiful in your dress!

  2. Thanks for coming! It was great meeting you.

  3. Thanks for posting photos of the Ritz event, I was looking for the photos. Looks like a great time and you looked like you should have been on stage as well with all your cute accessories!:)


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