Saturday, July 24, 2010

Before They Were Stars: A Little Trivia for You!

You now know January Jones as Betty Draper from Mad Men...

But did you know she was one of the hot chicks that Colin Frissle picks up on his trip to America in Love Actually?

And Kristen Stewart will be forever known as Bella Swan, the only human to tame the hearts of both a vampire and a werewolf...

But did you recognize her as Jodi Foster's daughter in The Panic Room?

Emma Roberts is famous for being Julia's niece, but also for her roles in Valentine's Day and the Nancy Drew film...

But did you know that she played young Christina Jung, daughter of Johnny Depp & Penelope Cruz in Blow?

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  1. How interesting! It's always fun to see what they did before they were the "It" girl/guy! xoxo


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