Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Collection Fit for Royalty

The Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010 Ready to Wear collection is sooooooo beautiful I'm dying every time I look at it! I would love to have a million dollars so I could just call her up and have every sing piece drop shipped to my closet! This luxe collection features feminine silhouettes and luxurious furs and sparkles! If I were a certain girl's stylist and the rumours were true that the certain British girl was about to become the next Princess of Wales, then I would certainly insist she wear each and every one of these pieces! Enjoy the girly eye candy!

All photos from www.style.com

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  1. these are gorgeous!! super fancy... i love all the designer stuff, but my wallet doesnt :) xxxooo

  2. Gorgeous collection, I love the coat with the fur cuffs, and the flowy chiffon dresses. I could definitely see a certain girl named Kate in any of these pieces... Kate, or myself :)

  3. Stunning! I'm with you on the reality shows, I've only watched Jersey shore once but I don't ever feel compelled to watch again and I live at the NJ shore! lol

  4. A wonderful collection, you are right. I would love to wear some of these clothes.


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