Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fabulous Finds: Stationery

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I've been bitten by the shopping bug. I just keep browsing and wanting to buy stuff all the time, even though I should be 1. saving money for our move and 2. not buying stuff because it's one more thing I have to fit into suitcases or boxes for the move. Simple truth is... can't. I'm in the mood for shopping and I can't stop... need to occupy myself with something else. Anything else! But I did find some super cute stuff today at Books & Books that will actually help with the move, including the weekly organizer pictured above by Galison in the rosehip pattern! Have a look at the inside below, including weekly planning sheets, post-it notes and a notepad! So cute!

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These labels will come in handy for our move... or something else in the future I'm sure. These labels by Galison are the William Morris Rose Garden pattern taken from a print in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London! Perfect for the gal who's moving to London! YAY!
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I've had my eye on this Cath Kidston notebook for ages! Well, now with all the lists I'm making in preparation for the move, while training my replacement and during one of my busiest times ever at work, I simply can't live without a notebook... and it has to be cute if I'm living with it!
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While I was out, I spotted Hanky Panky's in one of the shops... I used to hate Hanky Panky underwear, but now they're my favorite. I must admit they take some getting used to, but now I love them. I am definitely planning on picking up a couple of pairs before I leave. Does anyone know if I can get Hanky Panky's in London?

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