Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pink Julep Reads: The Truth About Diamonds

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When I heard that Nicole Richie's second novel Priceless is hitting shelves in late September, I knew it was time to finally read The Truth About Diamonds, which has been on my bookshelf now for 2 years! As you all know, I'm trying to read as many of my unread books before the end of summer, but generally I like to keep a large selection of "to-reads" on hand because when I finish a book, I'm never quite sure what I'll be in the mood for next. At the very least, in my unread stack I like to keep a selection consisting of a chick-lit novel, a fashion book, a crime novel and some kind of NY Times Best Seller, usually a love story or a coming of age type story.
The Truth About Diamonds was a little disappointing. Richie has a keen sense of humor, but I felt like I was just reading back versions of US Weekly from her drug episodes and Simple Life days... there was nothing new in this book. It makes me think that perhaps if I'd read it when it came out ages ago, I might have really enjoyed it, but after so much time, it bored me a little. It's a quick read and kind of fun, so great for the beach, but honestly I wouldn't put this at the top of my list by any means. I will however be interested to take a look at Priceless, Richie's new book. She has grown up a lot and I bet her 2nd attempt at writing a novel will be much better!
I'm reading Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane next. I need a good, intelligent, psycological thriller after all that mental chewing gum!
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