Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pink Julep Diets: 5 Things I Can't Live Without While Dieting

I'm motivated beyond all belief now that I know I'm getting off this rock in a couple of months! There will be events to attend, things to do, places to go and people to see, so it's no problem at all for me to go back on my diet and so far, I'm doing pretty well. The weekends are tough, but during the week, I've been very dilligent about what I'm putting into my body. These are the 5 things I can't live without while on a diet:

1. Smart Water

Photo Credit: www.healthwaters.com

2. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea

Photo Credit: www.coffeeforless.com

3. Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks in Ranch Flavor

Photo Credit: www.quakeroats.com

4. Genisoy Bars

Photo Credit: www.conditionnutrition.com

5. Special K Vanilla Almond

Photo Credit: www.mrbreakfast.com

What are your can't live without foods while on a diet? I'd love some new ideas!

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  1. On or off a diet I eat Greek yogurt with blueberries every morning. I eat the vanilla flavor and it has 100 cal, but 0 fat and 15g of protein. The original has less calories. It's my favorite breakfast and it's so good for you!

  2. I've never tried any of those. I love the cocoa powdered almonds in 100 calorie packs and craisins in 100 calorie packs.

  3. Special K is my BFF. I eat it 2x a day and it always helps me shed the pounds.

  4. You are getting off this rock... hahaha, it is obvious that you do not like living on this island. Which is funny, because I know people who went there on their vacation and loved it. Perhaps, in one of your last comments you can tell what you liked about this island (just to have some positive thoughts) and what you did not like about it? I am just curious.
    As for diet - I like these vegan jellos (I like orange and mango flavors). They help me satisfy my sweet cravings.
    Sorry, no further advice I am afraid. Good luck with your diet.

  5. I have been buckling down with eat healthy and working out, really just started this week. I agree though that over-all the weekends are hardest. I'll have to try that flavor of Tazo, I always have the passion or green tea. Good luck!! :)

  6. I am hooked on Smart Water too! I don't know why, but it is just so much better than other water! My dieting staple is ready pac bisto salads. I just blogged about them today! :)

  7. My must have foods are plain non-fat Greek yogurt, Kashi Go Lean cereal, natural peanut butter, fruit and veggies...and FROZEN YOGURT of course!

    I like the Tazo teas too!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!=) You are right, those rice cakes are delicious!


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